UpdraftPlus Premium Nulled – WordPress Backup Plugin [ US7P-License]

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UpdraftPlus reset to zero The world’s most trusted WordPress backup, restore and clone plugin. Hacks, server crashes, questionable updates, or simple human error can bring down your WordPress website.


UpdraftPlus Premium Plugin Options for WordPress


  • Display the backup status in the WordPress admin panel along with any errors or warnings.
  • Regular backups when replacing plugins or dashboard themes and prior to major WordPress updates.
  • Examines the next scheduled backup time
  • Backups made elsewhere can be imported by drag and drop
  • Import (as far as possible) individual web installations into the community.
  • Regularly reduces the number of previously saved backups
  • Examining the completion of a backup along with file checksums to verify the integrity of the backup.
  • Top rated backup and restore plugin on
  • All log messages can be sent to the syslog.
  • Recover websites of specific people in the entire community
  • All backup operations are fully logged.
  • 100 GB website backup confirmed; file measurement is limited solely to the Internet host.
  • Suitable for WordPress Community / Multisite.
  • Helps everyone guide and automatic (scheduled) backups
  • Encrypted transport to cloud storage
  • Central location for retailer, processing and disabling backups
  • The backup/restore control panel is located on the community toolbar.
  • Import and restore from backups made by various backup plugins.
  • Restores backed up objects from the console with one click.
  • Backing up record data and databases on separate schedules
  • Debug/Professional provides additional insight into the backup process: the ability to view a custom set of SSL certificates, show SSL certificate validation, and show SSL only.
  • Backs up an unlimited number of non-WordPress posts and external databases.
  • 1 gigabyte of free storage is included, with the ability to re-purchase as needed.
  • Easily Back Up Every WordPress Object
  • Designed to work wherever WordPress runs.
  • Databases can be decrypted inside the WordPress dashboard by drag and drop.
  • Suitable for multiple sites.
  • Helps create backups in multiple locations
  • Database backups can be encrypted for security purposes
  • Find and Replace migrates the website database on import.
  • Additional posts, the WordPress core, or any custom list from the server can be copied using the add-on.


Download UpdraftPlus Premium plugin for WordPress

Download UpdraftPlus Premium Nulled


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