privacy is a blog about PC tips, a website that also hosts regular updates of plugins and themes from premium sources that are completely free, secure, and fully  GPL compliant .

How to create a successful email marketing strategy in 2022

Operational Objectives provides information and tutorials related to the field of creating websites as well as using VPS – hosting, offering useful tools, sharing plugin – themes, SEO services…

The main objective of the blog was created to share information that the founder knows and wants to share. At the same time, the blog always welcomes contributions from members and welcomes them to provide more diverse articles.

Operation direction works with core trends like:

Provide completely free article content.

I only recommend the best services/tools, plugins and themes.

Content update and reader support from own and faster management group.

Create a healthy knowledge sharing environment Say no to piracy.

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Currently, FreeWP only has personal network channels and will try to develop better fan page groups to discuss and share knowledge soon: on Facebook on Pinterest

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For the growing Wordpress community, I would like to receive the support of programmers and admins of other blogs. Let’s help each other, develop more together.



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