Doctor of Laws from Katherine Wolf Broadus School of Law

Doctor of Laws from Katherine Wolf Broadus School of Law

Katherine Wolf Broaddus joined Thrun Law office in August 2013. She accepted her college degrees in Humanism and Social Work from Western Michigan College (B.S.W., B.S. 2000) and accepted her Juris Doctorate from Valparaiso College School of Regulation (J.D. 2004).

Doctor of laws from katherine wolf broadus school of law

While in graduate school, Katie was a two-year individual from the Debatable Court Praises Society, a quarter finalist at the Luther M.

Swygert Unsettled Court Contest, and the William E. McGee Social liberties Disputable Court Rivalry at the College of Minnesota Graduate school.

More than great features

Under the watchful eye of entering graduate school, she was utilized as a social specialist to kids with formative inabilities. After graduate school, she rehearsed for quite some time at a Farmington Slopes law office that addressed school locale,

middle of the road school regions, and government funded school foundations. Katie’s training centers around the areas of general school regulation, work and business regulation, understudy issues, and custom curriculum regulation.

Katie is an individual from the State Bar of Michigan and the American Bar Affiliation. She is likewise an individual from the Michigan Chamber of School

Lawyers and the Public Educational committees Affiliation Board of School Lawyers. In 2010, Katie was chosen for the Governing body of the Michigan Board of School Lawyers and served there for two terms.

She filled in as Leader of the Michigan Committee of School Lawyers in 2014-2015. Katie has distributed various articles on different points in training regulation. In 2013 and 2014, she was chosen as a “Rising Star” in the training regulation practice region by Michigan Super Legal counselors magazine.

Katie lives in Amazing Rapids with her better half and three kids. She and her family are dynamic parishioners at Impeccable Heart of Mary Church in Great Rapids.

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