Download PixelYourSite Pro v9.2.2 Plugin Free + Addons

Download PixelYourSite Pro v9.2.2 Plugin Free + Addons

Send accurate Facebook activity data to your website visitors. Track every detail of the pages they visit, every click a customer makes, and every search. Use all of this to optimize your ads using custom conversions or retargeting using custom audiences.

Download pixelyoursite pro v9. 2. 2 plugin free + addons


Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Pinterest

Pixel your site
  • Automated WordPress Integration: Implement multiple tracking codes with a single WordPress plugin. No coding or complicated work required.
  • Track everything with global events: Every action will be tracked and sent to Facebook, Google Analytics or Pinterest. You can compare results across multiple platforms, ensuring that you truly understand user actions and intent.
  • Track your own events into key actions: You can easily configure and trigger your own events to track any specific key actions. Each event can be sent to Facebook, Google and Pinterest.
  • WooCommerce & EDD Automated Integration: Track conversions and every action on your online store
  • One-click Facebook Pixel Deployment
  • Insert Google Analytics with one click
  • Insert Google Ads Tag with one click
  • Pinterest Tag integration with free add-on
  • Integrate Microsoft UET Tag (Microsoft UET Tag) with paid add-on
  • Insert any script with Head/Footer option
  • GDPR support

More features with Super Pack

  • These 5 add-ons will add useful features and are part of the Super Pack
  • Downloads available: Product Catalog Feed Pro, PixelYourSite Pinterest, PixelYourSite Super Pack

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