How Much Articles Requires For AdSense Approval 2022

How Much Articles Requires For AdSense Approval 2022

Adsense, one of the world’s largest online advertising networks, offers publishers an incredible opportunity to earn revenue from their online content.

How much articles requires for adsense approval 2022

In addition to direct revenue, advertisers pay extra to target their ads on specific pages. However, getting your articles approved by the ad network’s quality check team is a challenging process.

Post daily artical

Usually, only a fraction of the articles published daily are approved for Adsense. This is because the ad network’s quality check team analyzes each article thoroughly before approving it.

To do this, the team uses several tools and processes in accordance to Google’s quality guidelines. To ensure that all their users have the best experience possible, Google sets very high standards for their products. Therefore, only extremely high-quality content makes it past their quality check team.

Write SEO friendly article

Despite how tough it is to get your articles approved on Adsense, there are several things that you can do to increase your chances of being accepted. First of these are regular updates in your content. Basically, update your content as often as possible to demonstrate your expertise and dedication to your audience.

Additionally, be sure to include relevant keywords throughout your articles so that search engines can easily understand what your article is about. You can also include social media hooks so that readers can share your articles with their social networks and grow your site’s traffic.

Improve content quality

Once you’ve maximized the quality of your content and updated it regularly, you’ll need to build a reputation for quality content among advertisers. This is because only reputable websites want to partner with you for their advertisements. To gain this recognition among advertisers, you’ll need to consistently produce high-quality content over time.

Doing so will naturally increase traffic to your blog as well as increase brand awareness among target demographics. Over time, this will enable you to build up a reputation for quality among advertisers- which will ultimately improve your chances of being approved for Adsense.

Although getting approved for Adsense can be difficult, there are several steps you can take to make it happen.

First, update your content frequently and make sure it meets Google’s quality guidelines before submitting each article for review. After that, work hard to build a reputable website and promote it among potential advertisers by including relevant keywords throughout your posts. Last but not least, be patient and willing to change as more advertisers join the online advertising scene by using Google Adwords or another platform at their discretion.

This is a requirement of google adsense approval.

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1. Article Length: 500 words

2. Number Of Images: 2-10 images

3. Number Of Links: 1-5 links

4. Number Of Videos: 1-5 videos

5. Number Of Text Links: 5-15 text links

6. Number Of Graphics: 10-30 graphics


7. Number Of Columns: 4-8 columns

8. Number Of Sidebars: 0-3 sidebars

9. Number Of Comments: 0-3 comments

10. Number Of Trackbacks: 0-3 trackbacks

11. Number Of Backlinks: 0-3 backlinks

12. Number Of Blog Commenting: 0-3 blog commenting

13. Number Of Social Bookmarking: 0-3 social bookmarking

14. Number Of RSS Feeds: 0-3 rss feeds

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