Download the BLACK TV app for Android with the activation code for this week

Download the BLACK TV app for Android with the activation code for this week

BLACK TV is a program or application to watch all Arabic channels on Android phones and devices. Available for free download via the link below the topic with the application activation code for free.

Download the black tv app for android with the activation code for this week

Black TV is an application that includes many free and encrypted channels and sports channels

Many beIN Sports channels to follow your favorite matches. Where it has more than 1000 channels and channels of movies and series as well.

Sections of BLACK TV Pro

The application channels reach more than 17,700 channels after counting them with difficulty because they are P: a total of 17786 channels, including 1000 channels for free and encrypted channels, and the rest are divided between movie channels, series channels and others…

Black Tv application includes a set of sections:
  • Favorites section
  • All Channels All Channels
  • Islamic channels
  • beIN Sports
  • OSN
  • Netflix
  • MBC
  • Rotana
  • Lebanese channels
  • Syrian channels
  • news channels
  • Moroccan channels
  • Tunisian channels
  • Kids channels
  • Algerian channels
  • Libyan channels
  • Palestinian channels
  • Iraqi channels
  • Egyptian channels
  • Gulf channels
  • Emirati channels
  • sensory channels
  • Kurdish channels
  • Turkish channels

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Download Black TV APK App


BLACK TV PRO application activation code – October 2022





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