Download Fouad WhatsApp V9.30 version

Download Fouad WhatsApp V9.30 version

It recently released the latest update for the Fouad WhatsApp application with its latest version, which has the number  V9.30  , where many new features have been added, perhaps the most prominent of which is, f

Download Fouad Whatsapp V9.30 Version

ixing the security problem in Google Play, as it considers it a malicious program, and therefore it asks you to remove the program, and add the feature to prevent the deletion of removable images. After seeing it, let’s get acquainted with the new version of Fouad WhatsApp V9.30F and the changes that were added to it, with links to download the Fouad WhatsApp application, the latest version from the Media Fire website.

New Fouad FMWhatsApp | Update V9.30


  • “Harmful App” alert message from Google Play Store


  • Add caption feature for media photos and videos
  • Ability to set ‘Search the web’ or use emojis for profile picture


  • Feedback feature “Long press on any message”
  • Pause and resume recording voice notes
  • A contact expects the new privacy settings for the last seen photo and profile picture


  • False antivirus reports
  • Problem with the blue microphone icon on the home screen in voice messages
  • Video call confirmation
  • WA bots list is not clickable
  • WAMOD Row Style Mute Indicator

Previous update additions:

The feature  against seeing once is  the most important thing in the latest update of the FM WhatsApp application on September 4, 2021. It enables you to change the view of photos and videos sent via the View Once feature without limits, and the image is not removed when you see it:

  1. Anti-View Once feature has been added.
  2. You can watch photos/videos “View once” unlimited times ∞ once
  3. Fixed an issue with sending more than 30 photo-video files from Gallery
  4. The number 0 does not appear on the lock screen on some phones
  5. Various bug fixes and performance improvements


The option to enable this feature can be found in the  FMMODS settings,  then  Privacy and Security ,  and the Anti-View Once option must be enabled in the Privacy section.

Download link click here 

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