Traffic Generating Software Best Traffic Software 2023 Download FREE

Traffic Generating Software Best Traffic Software 2023 Download FREE

Traffic bots are an integral part of the online traffic cycle, though most of us are not aware of this.

Traffic generating software best traffic software 2022 download free

Bots are created for different purposes and do their work accordingly, such as Google uses bots to discover new sites, Ahrefs uses bots to collect site’s data, GTmetrix uses bots to gather server and site’s loading information and so on.

However, this article focuses on website traffic bots that will drive more page views to your site. Traffic bots are useful for many reasons such as ranking your site on several matrices like Alexa,

And show live traffic stats to gain user trust, check server capacity, increase time on site, reduce bounce rate etc. Stress testing on the server and site to measure capacity.

Before moving on to the list of some high-quality traffic bot networks, let me answer some common questions.

Are Traffic Bots Illegal?

Traffic bots are not illegal unless you get them from any unethical way like hacked sites or dark web market. Traffic bot has its own use case that ranges from optimizing web rating metrics to running stress tests to ensure server quality. Even giant companies like Google, Ahrefs, SEMRush and others use the bot to crawl and index new pages from the Internet.

How do bots generate traffic?

A bot is essentially an automated script that runs on a remote cloud server to generate traffic to a specific website. Developers create programs that visit the particular page or website with said behavior such as time on site, geographic location, device, etc.

How do you detect bot traffic?

Bot traffic can be detected very easily with a little experience and some knowledge. Usually low quality automated traffic is generated from ugly looking domains like,, etc. However, if you buy traffic from the sources mentioned below, it will be a bit tricky because It blends naturally with your traffic. In this case, you need to monitor your traffic regularly and make sure any visible height is visible. Moreover, Google’s crawler bot, Ahrefs can be detected by looking at multiple visits from the same IP address with similar duration.

Wonderful program features 

  • Running Status:  Displays the status divided into Normal, Selected, Failed. Please click the Repair button to check the error if the condition is abnormal, then solve
    the problem.
  • Operation mode:  divided into traffic mode and integrated mode, the user can get traffic in the pass mode, the points are in the integrated mode, and the
    user can register to get the service with a point.
  • Settings:  includes auto-play, show tray icon, hide/show shortcut for UI, auto-close functions, etc.
  • Number:  It is a unique number assigned by the program after adding each site, please provide the number to inquire about the status when contacting
    customer service, and you can click on the number to paste the site into the clipboard.
  • My Site:  By default, the program will visit the subpage randomly after the added sites for traffic need. The user can click on the site to change the setting.
  • Time (minutes):  the total time the soul spends on the site every day, fox example: the daily traffic is 100 IP, the time is 2 minutes per IP, then the total time is 200 minutes.
  • Today’s Traffic:  It’s two sets of data, the first shows the bee’s use of the site, the later shows the traffic needed today, it takes the IP as a unit.
  • Status:  It’s two sets of data, the first shows the percentage of successful visits on My Site, and the suffix shows when My Site was opened.
  • Site Control: It  shows the status of the site online, online, Stop/Start and Del and will get the traffic when the site is online.
  • Set/Export:  You can change all kinds of settings for location and export, and also load the setting into the test tool to check if it is correct.
  • Available visit time (minutes):  It is allotted by your computer’s configuration (CPU and memory), and will be consumed when sites are added.
  • Number of sites:  It is additive, the number will be the same in each program.
  • Add a site:  You can add a site that needs traffic in the list and provide details when adding sites.

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The way the program works is very easy, just put the link to your blog and leave the rest 

Visitors from America – Britain – Holland – Norway – it’s all free 

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