How to get 1000 visitors per day for a wordpress blogger blog 

How to get 1000 visitors per day for a wordpress blogger blog 

Hello my friends, today I will explain how to get visitors from all over the world to your blog and how to get backlinks to your site and go up to the top.

How to get 1000 visitors per day for a wordpress blogger blog 

In the beginning, when choosing your own blog – whether it is Blogger – or WordPress – choose a special and distinctive name or niche, a simple example of that

My site specializes – WordPress templates = 1.52 Google Adsense CPC 

My site specializes in WordPress plugins = 2.54 Google Adsense CPC 

My website is about cookies = 0.53 CPC 

There are many articles through which you can get targeted visitors from any country in the world 

And to get 1000 visitors you must write exclusive articles professionally!

1- Choose a unique title for your article 

2- Choose a simple layout for your site or article format

3- The article should be more than 1000 words 

4- The article must contain 3 images 

5- There should be a simple idea 

So my friends, after writing a professional article within a period of 10 minutes only, you will get the highest top in the Google search engine, and through Google, you will get enough visits to get your site up. 


Ways to get visits!

1- By writing a professional article 

2- By creating a YouTube video for the article

3- By creating a Facebook post 

4- Create a WhatsApp post among friends

5- Publish the post on social media 

This is how you will get fast approval from Google Adsense and also you will get real visitors and more backlinks 

Simple example ! 


بدون عنوان 7

Backlinks – 6.20

This is by creating professional articles through which friends can share them without effort

Organic Search Traffic – 110

Results of monthly visits to his site 

Exclusive articles – only through them can you get real visits 

Also, through it, you will get Google Adsense approval within only 24 hours 

Professionalism in article writing is very important – to get visitors from all over the world, especially from America, Canada and Britain 

I hope you share the article 


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