Download PixelYourSite Pro v9.3.4 Plugin Free

Download PixelYourSite Pro v9.3.4 Plugin Free

Send accurate Facebook activity data to your website visitors. Track every detail of the pages they visit, every click a customer makes, and every search. Use all of this to optimize your ads using custom conversions or retargeting using custom audiences.

Download pixelyoursite pro v9. 3. 4 plugin free


Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Pinterest

Download pixelyoursite pro v9. 3. 4 plugin free
  • Automated WordPress Integration: Implement multiple tracking codes with a single WordPress plugin. No coding or complicated work required.
  • Track everything with global events: Every action will be tracked and sent to Facebook, Google Analytics or Pinterest. You can compare results across multiple platforms, ensuring that you truly understand user actions and intent.
  • Track your own events into key actions: You can easily configure and trigger your own events to track any specific key actions. Each event can be sent to Facebook, Google and Pinterest.
  • WooCommerce & EDD Automated Integration: Track conversions and every action on your online store
  • One-click Facebook Pixel Deployment
  • Insert Google Analytics with one click
  • Insert Google Ads Tag with one click
  • Pinterest Tag integration with free add-on
  • Integrate Microsoft UET Tag (Microsoft UET Tag) with paid add-on
  • Insert any script with Head/Footer option
  • GDPR support

More features with Super Pack

  • These 5 add-ons will add useful features and are part of the Super Pack
  • Downloads available: Product Catalog Feed Pro, PixelYourSite Pinterest, PixelYourSite Super Pack


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