Download Wordfence Security Premium v7.7.0

Download Wordfence Security Premium v7.7.0

Wordfence is the most complete security solution available, and it comes with a set of premium features that make it better than the free version.

Download Wordfence Security Premium V7.7.0


Wordfence Security Premium

Wordfence Security Premium Ip Blacklist In Real-Time: Blocks All Requests From Ip Addresses Known To Be Actively Targeting Wordfence-Protected Wordpress Sites. Updates To Firewall Rules In Real Time: Wordfence Firewall Uses Firewall Rules To Discover And Prevent Harmful Traffic To Your Site, Safeguarding You Against The Newest Wordpress Security Gaps And Assaults. Malware Signature Updates In Real-Time: Thousands Of Malware Signatures Are Used By The Wordfence Security Firewall And Scanner To Assist Identify Malware On Your Site And Stop Dangerous Uploads. Checking Your Reputation: Each Scan Generates Spam Or Spam Spam, If Your Website Or Ip Address Has Been Banned For Harmful Behaviour. Blocking By Country: Designed To Thwart An Attack, Prevent Content Theft, Or Prohibit Criminal Conduct In Cyberspace That Originates In A Certain Geographic Region.

  • IP Blacklist in Real-Time: Blocks all requests from IP addresses known to be actively targeting Wordfence-protected WordPress sites.
  • Updates to Firewall Rules in Real Time: Wordfence Firewall uses firewall rules to discover and prevent harmful traffic to your site, safeguarding you against the newest WordPress security gaps and assaults.
  • Malware Signature Updates in Real-Time: Thousands of malware signatures are used by the Wordfence security firewall and scanner to assist identify malware on your site and stop dangerous uploads.
  • Checking Your Reputation: Each scan generates spam or spam spam, if your website or IP address has been banned for harmful behaviour.
  • Blocking by country: Designed to thwart an attack, prevent content theft, or prohibit criminal conduct in cyberspace that originates in a certain geographic region.

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