Download WooCommerce Plus v5.3.23 Weight Based Shipping

Download WooCommerce Plus v5.3.23 Weight Based Shipping

Weight Based Shipping Nulled is a basic yet flexible delivery method for WooCommerce that is based mostly (but not only) on order weight to compute shipping cost. You may use the plugin to add several rules depending on various situations.

Download woocommerce plus v5. 3. 23 weight based shipping


WooCommerce Weight Based Shipping Plus

Woocommerce weight based shipping plus

  • Weight of the order, subtotal, and destination: Make as many shipping rules as you need for different order locations, weight ranges, and subtotals.
  • Price Calculation Flexibility: vrule can be set to display a fixed price (such as Flat Rate) or a progressive charge based on cart weight, or both.
  • Free shipping is conditional: In some situations, you may choose to ship for free based on a subtotal, total weight, or other criteria. With the plugin, you can accomplish this in a matter of seconds.
  • Support for Shipping Classes: You may change the way shipping prices are computed for each shipping class you have.

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