Why did Alex Murdaugh testify on the witness stand?

Why did Alex Murdaugh testify on the witness stand?

The murders of Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh and her 22-year-old son Paul at their home in South Carolina in June 2021 are the subject of a brand-new, critically acclaimed Netflix docuseries titled “The Murdaugh Murders.” Alex Murduagh, Pau’s father and Maggie’s husband, is the main suspect in their deaths.

Why did alex murdaugh testify on the witness stand?

South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh is well-known. He has upheld his innocence thus far. The prosecutors will receive their final rest this week as the trial nears its conclusion. When he was first arrested, Alex Murduagh testified that he was not in the house when his wife and child were shot back, but he has since changed his story. The lawyer says that the shootings were retaliation for the boating accident that killed Mallory Beach in 2019, when his son Paul was said to have been driving the boat while intoxicated.


Why did Alex Murdaugh testify on the witness stand? What did he say, too?

Mr. Murdaugh wanted to testify to support his side of the story, according to Butch Bower, the family lawyer. He was instructed not to. Most of the time, juries and judges don’t like when people take the stand to defend themselves. On the stand, Mr. Murdaugh admitted that he had lied the night he was questioned about killing his wife and son. He says he wasn’t near them, but a video taken with his son’s phone shows him just a few minutes away from where they were shooting.

Defense attorney Jim Griffin asked, “Mr. Murdaugh, is that you on the kennel video at 8:44 p.m. on June 7, the night Maggie and Paul were murdered?”

“It is, I did lie to them, I wasn’t thinking clearly, I don’t think I was capable of reason, and I lied about being down there, and I’m so sorry that I did.” So said Alex Murduagh about being close to the kennel of his house with his wife and son minutes before the shooting.

What is next for the Alex Murdaugh trial?

Murdaugh has entered a not-guilty plea to two counts of murder and two charges of weapon possession in connection with the slayings of his wife and son at the family-owned property.

The trial is almost over; the prosecution and defense will rest next week. Then, after they both rest, the trial will be delivered, and it can take a couple of days for a judgment and sentence.

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