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What is the difference between Admob and Adsense

What is the difference between Admob and Adsense

Admob is an ad-network for App-developer to monetize their site and make money with the banner and video ads. Admob gives you the opportunity to place ads run by advertisers using Google ads formally known as Google AdWord platform especially targetting mobile users.

What is the difference between admob and adsense

In Admob Google give you the opportunity to show videos ads also known as Rewarded video ads, this means when a person watches a video ad he will be rewarded in the form of coins in a game.


AdSense is same as Admob but the difference is that Website/blog owners can make money with it. AdSense too is owned by Google and it covers a wide variety of ads and type of publishers. AdSense is one of the best ad-network in the online Monetization.

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Google AdWords is rebranded as Google Ads. If you want to advertise your product or service through in form of the Video on YouTube, banner ads on sites accepted by Google in publishing network or through Google AdMob then you can use it to promote your service.

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