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Ways to profit from Google Adsense – legit and fraud

Ways to profit from Google Adsense – legit and fraud 

There are many ways to earn from Google Adsense, some of which are real and some of which are fraud through magical methods and methods 

Ways To Profit From Google Adsense - Legit And Fraud

Real ways to earn from Google Adsense 

By creating professional exclusive articles and publishing them on social networking sites and communicating the idea to all users with the value of the article and gaining visits from all over the world 

  1. Professional Exclusive Articles 
  2. Publish your site on social media 
  3. Write unique content 
  4. Use professional photos 
  5. be good seo 

Ways to earn from Google Adsense through fraud 

  1. Via the vpn program 
  2. by rdb 
  3. by codes 

At first, my friends, the vpn program changes your workplace to any region in the world of your choice, and you log in to your site and make random clicks on ads 

RDB is a full computer in an area of ​​your choice, either America, Holland, Turkey or any country, and through RDB you make clicks on your site ads 

Via codes – There are a lot of codes used to get Google Adsense clicks, some of which are by earning clicks on ads, including pop-up ads like many sites 

note : 

The Adsense fraud method remains on your account for 3 months, it works only, and after that, Google Adsense will close your account completely.

Try as much as possible to use legal methods to earn real clicks and gain the credibility of the Google search engine to get $1,000 a month 

Fraud methods will reap good profits more than 100,000 dollars per month, but there is a high possibility of closing your account 

The benefit of this 

If your site is good and earns real visits, promote your articles more and more and do not use fraud methods because in the end the account will be closed 

Use exclusive photo articles and earn Google satisfaction 



The more professional the topic or article, the greater the profits and more visits 

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