Types of external backlink inside the article or the entire site

Types of external backlink inside the article or the entire site

The value of having a backlink inside the article or the entire site, outside of your site is very good. Where we see that a lot of people care

Types Of External Backlink Inside The Article Or The Entire Site

promoting their sites. Through external backlinks, this gives the site a lot of popularity and spread quickly. This is done by the global search engines knowing your site through Backlink.

Whereas, external backlinks transfer the external audience of other sites to your site. Especially since many need that audience in particular, in order to increase your traffic to your site.

Tips for using backlinks inside the article or website

  1. Do not use programs that spread your links on many sites. Where there is a category of people who promote this software, as being useful in using Backlink.
  2. All popular search engines, led by Google, reject it. Excessive link exchanges between those primitive sites on purpose.
  3. Do not try to put links to your own site, on other sites. In a random, unorganized and useful way for users, and you should not do too much work per day. Rather, let it work normally. Within two or three days, I am working on publishing two or three links on different sites.
  4. You should take good care of building your internal links, which is known as internal backlink. which was previously explained. Whereas, internal backlinks are very important to your site. Especially on similar pages of the same first content with the second content.

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