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Top Worthiest Paid AdSense Keywords for websites & Youtube

Top Worthiest Paid AdSense Keywords for websites & Youtube

The Top Worthiest Paid AdSense Keywords for websites & Youtube channel videos are listed below

Top worthiest paid adsense keywords for websites & youtube

Get the list of the most popular high CPC keywords for your website. If you’d like, you can also use this list to launch a new website. Pick a keyword from the list to concentrate on when writing articles for it:

$95.00 Top 10 Help Desk Software
$90.00 Help Desk Software For Small Business
$85.00 Small Business Call Center Software
$70.00 Accounting Online Program
$60.00 Best Online Accounting Program
$50.00 Small Business Marketing Software
$95.00 CRM Software For Small Business
$60.00 Business Performance Management Software
$60.00 Employee Management Software For Small Business
$55.00 Email Marketing Software For Small Business
$55.00 Best Medical Billing Software For Home Based
$55.00 Business
$55.00 Best CRM Software For Small Business
$50.00 Best Hr Software For Small Business
$55.00 Marketing Automation Software For Small Business
$54.91 Insurance
$44.28 Loans
$47.12 Mortgage
$47.07 Attorney
$36.06 Credit
$42.51 Lawyer
$42.02 Donate
$40.61 Degree
$31.91 Hosting
$45.51 Claim
$42.05 Conference call
$33.19 Trading
$35.29 Software
 $42.03 Recovery
$29.86 Transfer
$54.62 Gas / Electricity
$35.04 Classes
$33.59 Rehab
$37.18 Treatment
$27.80 Cord Blood
$815.00 Offshore Accident Lawyer

Best Tips for high Earning in Expensive Google Keyword Niches:

Are you thinking about using AdWords? Make sure you are using cost-per-click marketing best practices if you work in a sector where the most expensive Google AdWords keywords cost a lot of money. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Quality Score: Having a high AdWords Quality Score might help you pay less for the most profitable keywords by lowering your CPC.
  • Finding the correct keyword niches and breaking up enormous keyword lists into more manageable, segmented lists will increase Quality Scores and boost keyword ranks.
  • Be Specific: Focus on 3-5 word, highly specific keywords. To get targeted keyword suggestions, including both broad and long-tail keywords, you can utilize a Google AdWords keyword generator.
  • Use negative keywords: When bidding on the most expensive keywords at $50 per click, negative keywords are crucial since irrelevant terms lead to expensive clicks that will never yield conversions.
  • Put relevance first.
  • Optimizing the landing page: While the majority of AdWords conversion rates hover around 2%, landing pages frequently convert at 20% or even 30%. The secret to optimizing landing pages is to consistently test out various offer kinds and gauge consumer interest in them.
  • Expand into Display: The display network is a terrific method to get cheap clicks, especially if you’re wanting to expand brand recognition. And with tools like our Smart Ads Creator, you can get up and running on Display more quickly and efficiently than before.
  • To study Google AdWords, click here. WordStream has the tools, PPC management software, and instructional resources that your company needs to succeed.

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