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The idea of ​​​​creating a channel on YouTube and earning monthly profits of up to 1000$

The idea of ​​​​creating a channel on YouTube and earning monthly profits of up to 1000$

YouTube: The site to display your videos and get thousands of viewers according to your channel’s specialty 

The idea of ​​​​creating a channel on youtube and earning monthly profits of up to 1000$

One of the best YouTube specials:

One of the best youtube specials:

  1. cooking channel 
  2. Almkniki channel
  3. ideas
  4. small projects
  5. sewing channel
  6. Vegetable rot
  7. nature photography 

If you want to get special views, make your own videos and publish them, and to earn better profits, publish unique ideas 

At first, my friend, subscribe to Google Adsense , click here.  After subscribing, confirm your account to receive the coffee code.

Now create a channel for you on YouTube, click here  , and then create a picture of your cover through the site , click here. Choose a distinctive name for your channel 

Now your YouTube channel is complete + your Adsense account is complete 

Now your youtube channel is complete + your adsense account is complete 

To agree to display Adsense ads on YouTube, this requires a thousand subscribers, 4000 watch hours, and the way to get this, upload your video of at least one hour 

After that, it will be approved after passing a thousand subscribers and 4000 hours. Ads will start appearing on your YouTube page and to get profits according to your specialization. There are many ways and many sites that talk about ways to profit from YouTube 

I hope it helps, I apologize and thank you 

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