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What are the reasons for site rejection in Google Adsense 2022

What are the reasons for site rejection in Google Adsense 2022

Some talk about refusing to accept Adsense for their blogs, and others about closing their accounts due to violating the Google AdSense policies. Adsense disapproval of your site:

What are the reasons for site rejection in google adsense 2022

  1. Useless content.
    If your content is weak and does not contain valuable information that benefits the reader, or the articles are few and their words are few, it will be a reason to reject your site, and the solution to that problem is:  Writing SEO-friendly content .
  2. Content copied from other blogs, or badly paraphrased content, so if you are a beginner in writing content, you must know  the secrets of paraphrasing , to ensure exclusive content.
  3. Loss of one of the main and administrative pages of the site.
  4. Double site visits.
  5. Copyright infringement.
  6. Blog incompatibility  with internal SEO factors .
  7. Bad user experience.
    If your site lacks speed, is not compatible with all devices, and has a poor design, it is natural that it will be rejected, so you should choose  a suitable blogger template  , or a premium template for WordPress.

Explain the types of AdSense accounts and the difference between them

After knowing the conditions for acceptance in AdSense and the reasons for rejection, the role comes to answering an important question, what are the types of AdSense accounts and what is the difference between them?

First: The hosted Google Adsense account for people:

Upgrade adsense hosted account

It is a normal free account, which its owner creates without a domain and can be created by creating blogger blogs, but it is a limited account.

Second: Adsense account for publishers (regular):

Second: adsense account for publishers (regular):

It is an Adsense account that some create for free after they create a special site and then buy a paid com domain.

Third: And also the AdSense account for developers:

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It is for programmers and developers of web applications and Android or Admob, as a free way to profit from their accounts and benefit from it.

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