Plugins - The topics on us7p blog are mainly hosted in the download center because they provide fast download speed and they are free.


 But on the contrary, plugins - themes in the blog or DMCA copyright are often deleted, you will have to go to this page and "take a break" for about 20 seconds depending on the time so that no Traffic to a huge landing page is too big for a period of time.

Specific and limited time period, to avoid traffic so big that download link stops at 99% or 'no content'. For the sake of the public interest, we hope for your understanding and support in this matter.


On this site I also place some Google Adsense ads , to support a small portion of my web operating budget. If you have empathy and would like to support US7P, you can turn off on-page ad blockers.


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Currently, the Mega Cloud download links of WordPress Support are being scanned by Google, a series of our

 accou.nt have been stopped because of hosting copyright Plugins - Themes.

 The team is quickly recovering and moving to other storage solutions

 (if you know of free mass storage services, please recommend them).


 We hope you understand if the link is broken, please F5 or report the broken link in this


us7p regularly updates Plugins, Themes from premium sources completely free and safe. In addition,


we also provide Website Design services, SEO Services, Design & Media, Advertising Services…


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