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More earnings than ezoic or google adsense 

More earnings than ezoic or google adsense 

Google Adsense: A subsidiary of the Google search engine that works to display ads after approval of the site and according to the time zone and the strength of the site, the best ads are displayed at the best prices 

More earnings than ezoic or google adsense 

As for ezoic, the same idea is to approve the site and then display ads based on views and click price 

Difference between ezoic and google adsense 

Both of them are difficult to approve of our websites, not after applying strict conditions! 

Google Adsense is more efficient than the Ezoic engine in selecting niche ads 


Here are some of the additional benefits you can enjoy as an Access Now member: 

Ezoic access now. Png

  • There are no restrictions on page views
  • Access to free tools used by top brand publishers
  • Quick setup in less than 15 minutes
  • Unparalleled performance and security thanks to cloud integration
  • Access the Twist Community for fast support

Adsense :

Compared to Ezoic, AdSense gives its publishers almost no support. My research shows that there are a lot of frustrated users who are looking for answers online with no luck. 

Most of them have to rely on other users to help them with setup issues, as can be seen in the example below: 

Winner:  Eswick

There is no doubt that Ezoic wins this round. With this ad network, even publishers with less than 10k visits can earn a lot. The platform offers different levels of features, support, and resources, while AdSense offers none of this for publishers.

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