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Magical methods of marketing via LinkedIn 2023 free

Magical methods of marketing via LinkedIn 2023 free

In 2022, there were approximately 15,800 million global users on LinkedIn 2023 and approximately 89.73 million monthly active users (MAU), and approximately 49 million of those users had premium accounts. It is estimated that LinkedIn earned approximately $4.45 billion USD through premium subscribers in 2021.

Magical methods of marketing via linkedin 2023 free

Which makes it one of the best social networks. Are you using it to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers? So this blog post is just for you because in this blog post you will know  what is LinkedIn Marketing? How it works?

What is LinkedIn Marketing? Strategy, solutions and advantages

LinkedIn Marketing  is a process where LinkedIn is used to  generate leads  , increase brand awareness, increase website traffic, and build relationships with professional people. Nowadays,  LinkedIn marketing is used  by almost all marketers and they also make professional contact with it.

Why is LinkedIn Marketing Important?

When it comes  to social media marketing , most people remember Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but today, LinkedIn has emerged as the largest social media platform.

Did you know that LinkedIn generates 227% more leads than other social media platforms? This is why it is important that you also start using LinkedIn for marketing.

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 but at that time it was primarily aimed at networking, exchanging ideas and building a career, today it is commonly used for lead generation if compared to other social media platforms. from the media.

B2B is a great way to find and feed LinkedIn ads through Ad Account Based Marketing (ABM), for the purpose of arbitrariness.

ABM is best suited for targeting large companies that you want to connect with, as well as warming up contacts already in the funnel.

What is Account Based Marketing (ABM)?

Account-based marketing is a targeted approach to B2B marketing, in which sales and marketing departments work together to identify the top companies they want to win as a business.

This means making a list of organizations and decision makers, and providing them with the right materials at the right time. The department is an important part of it, and because of the multi-layered targeting options, LinkedIn Ads is a great platform to embed an overall strategy from ABM.

How do you use LinkedIn for marketing? How to use LinkedIn Marketing

With LinkedIn, you can drive traffic to your website, make connections, bring in leads, professionals can find jobs here and companies can hire people.

Let’s learn  how to use LinkedIn for marketing  ?

Use Hashtag

You can use hashtags to reach new audiences, but keep in mind that you don’t use hashtags excessively, it can lead to spam.

First of all, find 3-5 hashtags on the topic in which you are posting, which some people are following and depending on their use in your post, this post will reach many people.

Create posts of different length

Short posts on LinkedIn are read by people who read them in haste and those who read a bit big posts read them carefully, so you write short, big posts.

When you publish both types of posts, both types of audiences see and read your content so both types of audiences follow you.

Share the professional article

You can also share articles from your website on LinkedIn so that your article reaches more people.

Understand the difference between a LinkedIn Profile and a LinkedIn Page

You can create both your profile and company page on LinkedIn but the LinkedIn profile is private and you can only provide your personal information on it, and the LinkedIn page is used to give important information about the company.

If you open both a LinkedIn profile and a LinkedIn Page, you can share content to both places, so your content will reach more people.


Decide when to publish your content

Whatever content you post on LinkedIn, your audience sees it and expects you to post content again at the same time, so it is important that you keep the exact time you post content on LinkedIn if you don’t, if that is the case you will give the LinkedIn algorithm very little respect for your content.

Keep your LinkedIn profile URL optimized

If you want people to easily access your profile page or company page, it is important that you shorten your LinkedIn profile URL so that people can remember it easily.

Your profile URL looks like this:

Use the image in the background of the profile

If you want to create a personal brand for yourself, you can change the background image of your LinkedIn profile and put an image related to your profession, so that your LinkedIn profile looks very good.

You can make your profile picture background 1582 x 396 pixels in JPG, PNG and JIF format but keep in mind that the background image size should not exceed 8MB.

Optimize your profile for search engines

Don’t think that you can use the search engine for blogging only, but you can also rank your social media profile by optimizing it according to the search engine.

According to which keyword you want to rank your LinkedIn profile, rank all these keywords in different places of your profile, this will rank your Google profile too.

Add a link to a blog and website on your profile

If you have a blog or website, you can put a link to it on your LinkedIn profile to promote it.
If you have a company page, you can easily give a link to your company’s website in the About section.

Check who viewed your profile

You can easily track who views your LinkedIn profile, as LinkedIn notifies you whenever someone views your LinkedIn profile in the notifications tab.

Use our free job posting feature

If you want to hire a team, you can use LinkedIn’s job posting feature, you can post one job at a time for free.
Even if you want to be hired on your own, you can still apply for a job search on LinkedIn.

Use the LinkedIn authentication feature

With the endorsement feature, you can vote for people’s skills and others can also vote for you for any of your skills, i.e. you can vote for endorsement or praise for your skills.

Export your contacts list

You can easily export your LinkedIn connections list and build one so you can stay in touch with people.

Join a LinkedIn group for free

You can join a LinkedIn group related to your industry, so you can connect with more people and solve their problem. There you can easily find answers to your questions.

If you have joined a LinkedIn group, you can send 15 messages 1:1 per month which is one of the best uses of a LinkedIn group.

Create your LinkedIn Group 2023

You can create a LinkedIn group related to your company or topic and then connect with the people there and over time the number of members in the LinkedIn group can grow.

Use LinkedIn Ads 2023

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If you want to promote your company’s product or service, LinkedIn ads can be a good option for you. It depends on your product or service, and the type of LinkedIn ad you choose.

You can easily use any  LinkedIn  marketing method  we mentioned. If the business you’re marketing is B2B, you should use LinkedIn.

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