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The difference between a normal and hosted Adsense account 2022 – 2023

The difference between a normal and hosted Adsense account 2022 – 2023

Google Adsense: an advertising program affiliated with the global company Google, and it is considered one of the best ways to profit from the Internet by placing ads on your site or in your YouTube channel or on applications where Google Adsense works in conjunction with Google AdWord, where the advertiser places ads for a product or Its use in Google Adwords Google adwords and harms it to bring customers, clients, members or targeted visitors

Learn The Difference Between A Regular And Hosted Adsense Account 2022

While the publisher places Adsense ads on his site to show the advertiser’s ads according to the site’s specializations, and when any visitors click on the ads, the advertiser is the one who will pay a small amount for each click, and this amount goes to Google Adsense and another percentage to the publisher, and this is called pay-per-click, i.e. in the language English :

Cost per click : CPC

Perhaps you have an Adsense account for a site, a Blogger blog, or even a YouTube channel, and it happens that you hardly differentiate between a hosted Google Adsense account and a regular account, and the difference between them, and what is the best account among them and how can you get the best account, all these questions that Perhaps you may come to fat, I will answer it in boring detail.

What is a regular Adsense account?

The normal Adsense account is an account from the AdSense advertising company that has all the features, whether on YouTube or websites and blogs.
You can use the regular AdSense account on more than one site or channel, and this is what distinguishes the regular AdSense account.

What is a hosted adsense account?

The hosted Adsense account is slightly different from the normal account. The hosted Adsense account can also be used on websites, blogs, or on the YouTube channel, but the hosted account can only be used on one place, either one channel or one website.
What is the difference between a hosted and regular Adsense account?

There is only one difference between the hosted and regular Adsense account, and that is that the hosted Adsense account can only be used in one place, whether a site or a channel, while a hosted AdSense account can be used in more than one place, whether a website or YouTube channel.

How do you convert your AdSense account from hosted to normal?

To convert your account from a hosted account to a regular account, here you need to request a new site subscription in addition to the site you previously subscribed to in your AdSense account or the channel you subscribed to, and here you can do this in two ways:

The first: to create a new website or YouTube channel and request that your site or channel subscribe to the same account that you subscribed to before, while respecting the terms of AdSense.

The second: to ask someone who owns a channel or website that is compatible with the terms of Adsense to add his site in your AdSense account and add ads on his site to be able to convert your account to normal.

So, in the end, we come to the end of this post, which was about knowing Google Adsense and ways to profit from it, and the difference between a normal and hosted Adsense account, which was made by the Halbernet Institute.

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