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automobile accident attorney, The Comprehensive 2023 Directory


Lawyer for car accidents, the complete 2023 directory
Lawyer for car accidents, the complete 2023 directory

You must demonstrate that your injuries are severe enough to reach the state-mandated threshold before you may legally sue another motorist for their carelessness. By doing this, you may be able to get compensation for your pain and suffering, a separate category from insurance claims for medical costs, property damage, and lost wages.


Factors that May Affect Your Compensation After a NYC Automobile Accident.

The availability of compensation is often the first consideration in vehicle accident cases. There is no standard sum of money for compensation in personal injury claims involving auto accidents, which is an important lesson to remember. Every automobile accident is distinct, and every occurrence has unique elements that might have a big influence on your compensation.

Every element of your auto accident counts. To better prepare you for the future of your case, our NYC auto accident attorney can assist you go over every detail of your collision.

Your compensation may be significantly influenced by the severity and scope of your injuries. In a vehicle accident, a victim who has modest injuries would not be entitled to the same level of compensation as one who had more severe damages. The court will take into account all of the other factors connected to your injuries while assessing your case and scrutinizing your injuries. This means that the amount of compensation the court awards will depend on a number of variables, including the expense of the medical care you got and the degree of anguish your injuries caused.

The acts of the other motorist will be taken into consideration by the court when deciding your compensation as well. The court may award you extra compensation or penalties known as “punitive” damages if their acts are judged to have been egregiously negligent, careless, or wanton. It’s important to keep in mind that New York has extremely special insurance rules that might affect how much money you get after a vehicle accident. You may follow our lawyers at The Carrion Law Company as they guide you through this difficult insurance procedure.

A Vehicle Accident Litigation and New York’s No-Fault Insurance System.

New York, in contrast to certain other states, offers “no-fault” insurance. Regardless of who caused the collision, the victim of an automobile accident must seek reimbursement from their auto insurance under this sort of insurance scheme. Many people who have been in vehicle accidents may find this aggravating, particularly after suffering significant losses. The aid offered by insurance providers may not always totally make up for your losses. Car insurance firms often only pay you for things like your medical expenses, property damage, and missed earnings. But, they say nothing about your suffering and grief, which are equally significant losses.

If you can prove that you incurred significant injuries in a vehicle accident, you may file a personal injury claim against the at-fault parties. You must demonstrate that you had an injury that lasted more than 90 days in order to achieve this requirement. Among other severe losses, you may demonstrate that your accident resulted in permanent incapacity, permanent restricted use of a bodily component, or serious deformity. To better understand your position and how your injuries may provide you a greater opportunity to get full compensation, it is crucial to speak with an experienced automobile accident lawyer.

advantages of suing Compared to a New York City car accident insurance claim.

You may get reimbursement for your medical costs, the repair or replacement cost of any damaged property, and lost wages while you’re recovering from your injuries when you make a claim with your auto insurance company. But, your insurance company will only provide coverage up to your policy’s maximum. While different plans have different limitations, you could discover that if you just opt to make an insurance claim, your recovery will be shortened.

Contrarily, a lawsuit offers compensation for each of these categories without being constrained by insurance policy limitations. You ought to get the full amount of financial restitution that your severe condition justifies, particularly if another motorist was at fault.

Moreover, lawsuits provide compensation for the mental and physical suffering that comes along with catastrophic auto accident injuries, something that insurance claims cannot cover. In addition to acute pain, victims may develop psychological problems such sadness, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. These problems may affect a victim’s capacity to enjoy life, maintain meaningful relationships, and participate in hobbies or favored activities.

Since they are not pecuniary in nature, insurance does not cover these injuries, but that does not make them any less real to the sufferer. Bring your case to the attention of one of our seasoned New York City automobile accident attorneys to get a sense of how much more you stand to receive via a lawsuit compared to an insurance claim.


What Happens If the Other Driver Runs Away or Is Uninsured?

After New Jersey and Massachusetts, the State of New York has the third-lowest estimated percentage of uninsured motorists on the road. Just around 4% of drivers in New York are uninsured, and that number is much lower in New York City. As a result, it is improbable that you would be involved in an accident when the at-fault party is driving without insurance.

If you do, there is a chance that the motorist will decide it would be best to flee the scene before the police show up, however. According to New York law, this is legally a hit-and-run, which is an offense.

Other reasons for drivers to leave the scene include being unlicensed, drunk, driving someone else’s car without their permission, or just being terrified. For this reason, if you are in an accident, you should always dial 911. If the other motorist flees, you may provide the dispatcher a description of the driver and their car so that patrolling police officers in the vicinity can try to capture them.

You may not be able to initiate a case if the at-fault motorist escapes and is not apprehended. But, you may still seek restitution for your damages by using the Personal Injury Protection policy of your own insurance (PIP). For this reason alone, the majority of insurance policies available in New York provide particular coverage for collisions caused by uninsured drivers. Be sure to get in touch with our New York auto accident lawyers as soon as possible if your insurance is being difficult to work with about a claim after a hit-and-run.

Following an Accident, How Long Does It Take to Be Paid?

Vehicle accident victims often worry about when they will get the right compensation. Sadly, without knowing the specifics of your case, it is impossible to predict when you will get your compensation.

The number of vehicles involved in the accident, the seriousness of your injuries, and the willingness of insurance companies to cooperate are all elements that could influence how quickly you receive compensation. Other variables include whether you are pursuing an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit.

You have little influence over the majority of these things. Your portrayal is one thing, however, that you can change. When dealing with a claimant who doesn’t have legal representation, auto insurance companies often purposefully prolong the proceedings. By doing this, they are hoping the claimant would accept significantly less money up front or possibly give up on their claim altogether.

By using legal counsel, you can prevent the insurance company from using shady methods to withhold your compensation and potentially sue the insurance company for collecting more money than you previously thought you were entitled to.

The time limit for filing a lawsuit in a car accident in New York City.

The average vehicle accident victim has three years to bring a lawsuit with the court. There are no margins for mistake with this legal deadline. The court may – and most likely will – decline to hear your case if you don’t comply with this legal deadline and file your complaint. But it does not imply you should put off taking legal action or completing other crucial procedures in the wake of an auto accident just because you may have plenty of time to file a lawsuit.

It may become more difficult to win your case the longer you wait to register your claim after your auto accident. Remember that gathering all of the evidence needed for your case quickly after your injury is simpler. Any tangible proof or witness testimony might be lost if you wait too long. Another thing to keep in mind is that your insurance provider will review the details of the collision within a few hours of it occurring. You could believe that your insurance works to protect your interests. They will, however, often make every effort to find a method to hold you accountable and limit your payment while also raising your premiums. By using our legal services before speaking with your insurance provider, you may move more quickly than your insurance provider.

It is essential to have the support offered by The Carrion Law Firm’s skilled NYC car accident injury attorneys. In collaborating with you, our lawyers can safeguard and preserve the evidence relevant to your case.

In NYC, how much does it cost to retain a car accident attorney?

Many accident victims who have viable legal claims choose not to pursue them because they are concerned about the cost of legal costs, particularly given the mounting medical expenses. Thankfully, many New York automobile accident injury attorneys accept contingency fees.

You won’t have to worry about paying for your legal counsel until your case is concluded, either via settlement or a court decision, under a contingency fee arrangement. A portion of the damages you get go toward paying your attorney’s fees. In this manner, your attorney will have an additional incentive to win you more money, and you won’t be forced to pay more for legal counsel than your case is really worth. You won’t have to pay your attorney anything if your lawsuit is unsuccessful in the end.

Lawyer for car accidents
Lawyer for car accidents

What to Do in Los Angeles Following a Vehicle Accident

After a collision, a victim’s actions may have a significant impact on how well their case is resolved. Our car accident attorneys have listed some of the actions you need to do after a motor vehicle collision:

  1.  Look for medical attention. You might have a concussion or other severe injuries that need medical attention even if there are no outward signs of them. In addition, many injuries don’t show symptoms for many days. Hence, following an accident, seek medical assistance straight away by going to the doctor.
  2. Speak with the police. An accident report written by the police might be used to bolster a vehicle accident lawsuit.
  3. Compile documentation and contact details. Take photographs of the accident site, get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses, the license details, license plate number, and car make and model of the other driver. If there is any property damage, take pictures.
  4. Keep records of your wounds. Be careful to keep all of your injury-related medical documents.
  5. Avoid sharing on social media. Avoid sharing any information about your accident on social media; even a harmless post might be perceived incorrectly and hurt your case.
  6. Speak with a lawyer for auto accidents. To explore your legal options and fight for the just compensation you deserve after a vehicle accident, contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can advise you on the following stages, manage all communications with all concerned auto insurance companies, and look out for your best interests.

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