Jordan Peterson says he won’t follow the disciplinary training from his college.

Jordan Peterson says he won’t follow the disciplinary training from his college.

Jordan Peterson claims that the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) is requiring him to take a disciplinary training course for his social media posts.

Jordan peterson says he won't follow the disciplinary

For political reasons, my critics have used the College of Psychologists’ disciplinary procedure as a weapon. In an article that appeared in the National Post on January 4, Peterson stated, “The college wants to send me to a re-education camp, and it should concern everyone.”

Peterson’s comments come in response to a decision made by CPO on November 22, 2022, which stipulates that he must successfully complete the Specified Continuing Education or Remedial Program (SCERP), a training course on professionalism in public statements, or face the possibility of appearing before a college tribunal and losing his license.

Today, Peterson stated that he would not attend the CPO’s disciplinary training course.

He wrote, “I am not submitting to re-education.” Later, he added, “The next step is a mandatory public disciplinary session/inquiry and the possibility of my clinical license being suspended.” Peterson claimed that the College is punishing him for retweeting Pierre Poilievre, in which he criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern, and others.

In a recent letter to Trudeau, which he included in his article, he mentioned the names.

I am not implying or even suggesting that you or any of your associates were directly involved in this. Peterson wrote to Trudeau, “the fact that it is happening and is something that has definitely happened on your watch.”

As Public As Possible Peterson wrote today that he would have had to pay for his own training, which he said would have cost hundreds of dollars per hour and would have taken a certain amount of time, which CPO would decide.

How will this be found out? He stated that those experts who re-educated me have convinced themselves that I have learned my lesson and will behave appropriately in the future.

In addition, Peterson stated that accepting the training course would have been equivalent to admitting his unprofessional behavior.

Peterson stated today in a tweet that he intends to adhere to legal and ethical restrictions while still making the specifics of the allegations against him as public as possible.

By posting two exclamation points, Elon Musk responded to Peterson’s announcement of the college’s disciplinary actions against him. Musk received a response from Peterson that stated, “Its worse than you think in Canada.” Colleges are now forcing regulated professionals into silence out of fear. Peterson wrote that this indicates that they are no longer able to assert what they believe to be true.

That is incredibly worrying! Musk responded.

CPO stated in response to The Epoch Times’ request for comment that they were prohibited from providing additional information due to confidentiality provisions.


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