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Is Google Adsense still the best 2023 exclusive article

Is Google Adsense still the best 2023 exclusive article

Google launched Adsense in March 2003, formerly known as contextual targeting ads, Adsense has grown to be the most trusted and reputable ad network in the world since its inception.

Is google adsense still the best 2023 exclusive article

The platform specialized in making and placing responsive banners and ads on websites and blogs, and Google prides itself on serving ads to a wide range of users based on things like site content and where the visitor is located. Its ability to deliver relevant, high-quality, and non-intrusive ads.

Through this platform, many websites generate revenue from their content, Adsense also helps small publishers with low website traffic to make money, Google Adsense is currently being used by more than 2 million bloggers and publishers.

Google Adsense: what is it?

Known as Google Adsense, the advertising network is known for its CPC (cost per click) marketing strategy, cost per click means that it will pay you for every visitor click, for distributors who are looking for more income through ads on their sites and websites, or YouTube ads, Adsense It is the best stage for them.

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When placing ads on blogs or websites, publishers get a share of the profits, and as a result, the platform acts as a link between publishers and a large group of advertisers. In addition, Adsense provides a variety of ad formats that are user-friendly, and do not hinder the performance of Website, and it loads quickly.

What exactly does Google Adsense do?

You must first get approved by Google Adsense. You will be approved immediately if the content on your website or blog is interactive and you are willing to be bound by the Adsense terms and conditions.

When you post a blog, select an ad and the site where you want to place it after receiving approval

Affiliates, brands, companies and advertising agencies are Google Adsense advertising partners. They always aim to promote their products or services by showing advertisements to a specific audience.

For example, if your advertising father needs to write blogs about furniture and promote his furniture, he will allow you to display his furniture ads to your readers and visitors, and you will receive a portion of the advertising revenue in return.

How much money can you earn with Google Adsense?

Adsense uses the cost-per-click (CPC) model, as mentioned earlier. Your promoter will confirm how much they will pay for a single shot on the promotion posted on your site.

Say, for example, that you generate 5,000 monthly website views and 125 ad clicks from 2.5% of those visitors, you would be able to earn $87.5 per month if the advertiser paid 70 cents per click.

So, the more interesting your content is, the more visitors or readers you will have and more visitors to your website will click on ads, which will ultimately lead to more revenue.

Why should you use Google Adsense?

Due to its distinct features, Adsense has emerged as one of the most prominent and popular search engines:

The fact that you do not have to sell specific products is one of the main benefits of using Adsense. Adsense requires only relevant and extensive website data to join.

In order to display their ads on publishers’ websites, millions of advertisers compete for space.
More than 2 million publishers are currently using this platform to earn money.

The high levels of security, transparency, and security of the platform for publishers and advertisers is another important feature, as it makes a connection between publishers and advertisers, they are constantly checking the stock of the site for any questionable or illegal ads.

For desktop and mobile ads, Google Adsense offers banners, text ads, HTML ads, image ads, video ads, and many more.

The user stays on the website or page after using the advanced search option, which results in more clicks on the ad, moreover, this search option allows for multiple clicks.

Another advantage of this platform is its simplicity when it comes to monitoring websites, with a single Adsense account, you can advertise on multiple websites.


Google Adsense allows simple ad placement customization and only selects relevant ads for the website.
If you have a large audience of interested readers, you can easily reach the minimum payout of $100.
You can track your income and performance with a real-time tracking system

. Plus provides statistics.
You can automatically adjust the size of ad units on desktop or mobile with the help of AdSense auto ads, and as a result, visitors are more likely to see and click on them.

There are some guidelines on how to make money with Google Adsense, and you can increase your revenue by following these suggestions.

Put your content first:

Focusing on your content should be your first and most important strategy for increasing revenue, for example, if you blog about different food recipes and use it as a magazine, then split the site in half and focus on making money from original content.

This focus will make it easier for ads on your website to be matched by advertisers and users’ Google searches, so visitors will keep reading your content if it’s attractive and of high quality.
Take advantage of your website:

More promoters will be attracted to your site when guests are expected to stay for some time, social media ads are one of the best ways to increase traffic, and the best way to promote yourself is by sharing your posts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. If you have a lot of interested readers, send out newsletters.

Exact ad placement:

Placing important and relevant ads in easily accessible locations to catch the attention of your readers is another effective way to increase traffic. Always place ads where it is easy for people to read and see the blog.

Strict adherence to Adsense guidelines:

Your Google Adsense account will be disabled if you do not adhere to the company’s strict guidelines. It is strictly forbidden to post hate speech, plagiarized content, advertisements for illegal or fake goods, so you must read the Google Adsense Terms and Conditions carefully before joining, because any illegal activity will result in your account being banned.

How do I set up an Adsense account on Google?

Here are the steps to open an Adsense account:

Go to the Google Adsense website and select the option to sign up. Enter your email address and your website URL. Click Save and continue.

Click “Accept Adsense Terms & Conditions” (First Read Then Accept) to create an account. Before joining Google Adsense, you need to be aware of the following eligibility requirements:

To join the network, you must be 18 years old.

Your content should be original and interesting.

Bloggers and publishers are prohibited from promoting offers with fake traffic.
Hate speech should not be posted by you.

Google ads cannot be placed on sites with offensive content by publishers.

Benefits of Google Adsense CPC Pay Model Most Popular and Reliable Ad Network Variety of Multi-Format Marketing Solutions Available for Desktop and Mobile Ad Position Management Easy Ad Personalization Millions of Advertisers Traffic Security and Safety Minimum Payout $100 Advanced Search Option Client Excellent Service Easy to Register Real-time Tracking System Statistical Reports Various Payment Methods Timely Payments Google Adsense Payment Details:

You will be paid on the 21st of the following month once you reach the $100 payment threshold, for example, publishers who made money in the month of January will be paid on the 21st of February, and the payment information for Google Adsense ad network is as follows:

Cropped 6831000

Commission Type: CPC Payments Cycle: Monthly Payment Currency: USD Minimum Payout: $100 Payment Methods: Check, Electronic Asset Transfer (ETF), Western Association Speedy Money, Wire Transfer via 1 Euro Annuity Zone ( SEPA), Rapida, and Wire Move

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