How to watch Minecraft Live 2022

How to watch Minecraft Live 2022

Mojang will host the video on its social media platforms, as you might anticipate. Dates, times, and locations are as follows:

How To Watch Minecraft Live 2022

  • When: October 15, 2022, at 5 PM BST, 12 PM EDT, and 9 AM PDT.
  • Where: The Minecraft Live website and YouTube
  • How: Any smartphone, tablet, PC, and gaming console with an internet connection can be used to watch.

The stream will also be available on YouTube in American Sign Language and with Audio Description:

  • ASL for Minecraft Live
  • In-Game Audio Description for Minecraft
  • And in several languages as well; simply select the language you wish to view the broadcast in, and you will be directed to the translator’s YouTube or Twitch profile.

How to vote for the next mob

  1. Vote on the website
  2. Vote in Minecraft (Bedrock only)
  3. Vote in the Minecraft Launcher

Option One: Vote on the website

  • Log in using your Microsoft account, or visit this page to learn how to create one.
  • Access now
  • Choose “live vote” next to the mob you choose.

Option Two: Vote in Minecraft (Bedrock only)

  • On your gaming console, launch Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • Click the “Mob Vote” button that is located on the left.
  • You will be directed to a unique carnival map where you may vote for your favorite mob and play several minigames.

Option Three: Vote in the Minecraft Launcher

  • Launch the Minecraft client on your computer.
  • Click on “Minecraft Live” on the left
  • Then select the prominent VOTE NOW button.
  • Pick your gang

What to expect from Minecraft Live 2022

On October 14th, players will vote among three new mobs for the game. The Glow Squid from the 2020 Minecraft Live Stream and the Allay from the 2021 Minecraft Live Stream was obtained through mob voting.

Here are the three candidates so you may choose who to vote for:


The Rascal is an adorable little mob that lives in a mine and plays hide-and-seek with you – as if the mines weren’t already terrifying enough! It will give you hints if you can find it three times in a row. If you do, you’ll get a special reward: an enchanted pickaxe. Very beneficial for those who are just starting with mining down!


The Sniffer is all about assisting you in finding things, just like the Allay. You may find him in the game by finding sniffer eggs amid underwater ruins. He’s an old mob that resembles a cute tiny turtle. Their unique talent is the ability to “sniff out” extinct plant species, finding new seeds that may be planted and raised to bring them back to life.

Tuff Golem

Both the mob vote from last year and the vote from this year feature a spin on Golem. The adorable and diminutive Tuff Golem can hold goods for you and is incredibly small. They can move around your base, find an item, take it, and then return to their original location, which may not seem like a big concern. Exciting possibilities exist for this functionality in Redstone builds! Better yet, if you use a wool block to create a Tuff Golem, he will wear a small cape. Awww!

Minecraft Dungeons

According to the clip, Mojang’s spin-off RPG Minecraft Dungeons will also be making an appearance. Added foes? new regions? new goods? If we had to guess, we’d say most likely all of the above!

The Next Update

The Caves & Cliffs upgrade was launched in 2020’s Minecraft Live, and the Deep Dark biome, Caves & Cliffs Part II, and the release date for The Wild update, which was included in the game in June 2022, were shown to us in 2021’s Minecraft Live.

So we’ll get to witness what happens after this year. Several fans have proposed scenarios for what the upcoming update, 1.20, might contain, such as a sequel to The Wild or a redesign of The End similar to what Mojang did with the Nether.

The game’s numerous monsters and mobs are shown traveling over the environment in linked minecarts in the trailer; may this indicate that linking minecarts is soon to be possible? Watching the Minecraft Live 2022 stream later this afternoon will be the only way to learn the answer (October 15).

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