Adsense CPC

Get great results from Google Adsense $ cpc = 17.3 

Get great results from Google Adsense $ cpc = 17.3 

Get great results from google adsense $ cpc = 17. 3 

The best ways to profit from the Internet – Google Adsense / displays ads on your site, some conditions apply: 

1- It should be an attractive site 

2- He must have traffic

3- To have a page / contact us / privacy / who we are 

4- Your website should contain at least 20 articles

5- Your articles must contain at least 600 characters 

When you apply the terms of Google Adsense and agree to your blog, ads will start appearing after that, prove your identity + link your account to your bank account!

After that, we begin to implement the things that lead to increased profits in Google Adsense 


It is a visitor metric tool. Advertisement = area + survival rate = click price 

Ways to raise CPC and get the best tool / 

Terms of approval of google adsense

1- Exclusive articles and unused photos help significantly in raising CPC 

2- Publish articles on a daily basis so that the site continues to be active!

3- Choosing articles with a high content, for example, click here 

4- Choose the highest CPC countries in Google Adsense from here 

5- High cost words in Google Adsense from here 

It is simple when publishing the article, it must be of a distinct format and a distinctive natch in order to gain the confidence of the Google search engine. It also helps in gaining legitimate visits and clicks. 

Always use the real things in applying this so that you get the best results and persevere on a daily basis in publishing exclusive articles until you get a high CPC while continuing to increase the profits month after month. 

The longer the age of the Google Adsense account – the stronger and much better it is than a newly created account 

I hope it helps you all, thank you 


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