Get a job as a small business attorney Seattle, Washington

Get a job as a small business attorney Seattle, Washington

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The economic engine in Seattle is powered by diversity, innovation, and an enterprising spirit. The Office of Economic Development (OED) promotes the economy where you can achieve your career and career goals no matter who you are, who you love or where you are from. 

Get A Job As A Small Business Attorney Seattle, Washington

We encourage economic mobility and shared prosperity by providing resources to entrepreneurs and innovators, and to our current and future workers. We support small neighborhood businesses and community ownership, connecting our workforce to meaningful jobs across the economy.

The Executive Director’s Office is the mayor’s executive office and, from a racial and social justice perspective, provides tools and technical assistance to entrepreneurs, and advises the mayor on policies and programs that promote a vibrant economy.

With the explosive growth in Seattle, and the critical role of small businesses in both the economy and the social fabric of our neighborhoods, the OED has prioritized its focus on the position it employs for the OED being our small business attorney which is located within the OED Small Business Development team. This program provides outreach, problem solving, capacity building, government navigation, and communication resources to hundreds of Seattle companies each year. 

Work responsibilities

Work Responsibilities

The Small Business Advocate provides direct business development assistance to Seattle’s dynamic small business community, which is well represented in Seattle’s diverse mix of industries including retail, manufacturing, shipping, and technology. In addition, this position plays an essential role in resolving business problems arising from city policies or practices, at the policy level,

and for implementing proactive strategies to mitigate any negative impacts on small businesses and business areas.

Small Business Development Consultant plays an essential role in supporting and employing women and minority-owned businesses (WMBEs), and at large, to help ensure that small businesses maintain their city operations, expand their facilities, hire employees, and generate tax revenue for the City of Seattle.

  • Develop and coordinate collaborative solutions for businesses facing challenges through city regulations and permitting processes
  • Helping small businesses solve problems, define required action, and connect business with the right resources/staff
  • Develop programs/tools, within a team, to connect with local businesses, learn about their needs, concerns and impediments to their growth, and develop individual solutions to address problems
  • Focused awareness-raising efforts on women, minority-owned businesses, immigrants, and other underrepresented populations
  • Use creative thinking and innovation to recommend and develop in collaboration with other city management staff, better policies and programs that are supportive of small businesses, with particular attention to supporting women-, immigrant, and minority-owned businesses.
  • Using data and national best practices to drive the development of performance measures to ensure successful impact of business outreach, support and technical assistance


The successful candidate for this position will have demonstrated ability and experience:

The Successful Candidate For This Position Will Have Demonstrated Ability And Experience:

  • Strengthen relationships with various community groups, particularly business or trade groups, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations and WMBEs
  • Working in a political environment.
  • Working with immigrants, minority community members, and/or small business owners
  • Effectively manage an action plan or program to achieve desired results
  • Track issues and problems raised to identify recurring obstacles and opportunities for improvement through program changes, policy development, or problem-solving between departments and governments
  • Track issues and communications and measure performance results
  • Compile program outcome data to create meaningful reports for use in briefings and external communications
  • Ability to respond professionally and quickly in a high-pressure environment to members of the business community who face urgent business problems
  • Demonstrate the ability to handle problems, resolve conflicts and/or implement programs using innovative thinking based on best practices and performance measures
  • Demonstrated experience in outreach, communication and collaboration with various stakeholders
  • Strong writing and ethical communication skills
  • Experience developing community communications, collaborations or partnerships
  • Ability to manage competing priorities
  • Experience working with diverse cultural, commercial and artistic groups

additional information

The OED seeks to demonstrate our core values ​​in our daily work and priorities, and to promote a respectful work environment in and out of the office. 

These values ​​are:

Service: customer focus, outsourcing, and compassion.
Equity: social justice, inclusion, serving the entire population, recognizing institutional barriers.
Perseverance: influence, persistence, perseverance.
Integrity: Collaborative, trustworthy, brave, delivers on the promise of public service.
Intent: strategic priority, measurable impact, demonstrable results, and well-thought-out boundaries.
Innovation: Entrepreneurship, problem solving and creativity.

Please send a CV showing how you meet the qualifications.

If you have questions, please contact Aisha Foster at  .

This position is classified as Strategic Advisor 1, Exempt

Who can apply: This position is open to all candidates who meet the minimum qualifications. The city of Seattle values ​​diverse perspectives and life experiences. Applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, gender, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, age, sexual orientation or gender identity. The Department encourages people of all backgrounds to apply, including people of color, immigrants, refugees, women, gays, people with disabilities, veterans, and people with diverse life experiences.

$38.06 – $57.09 an hour

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