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Magical ways to earn $100 a day from Google Adsense

Magical ways to earn $100 a day from Google Adsense

Hello dear reader 

Magical Ways To Earn $100 A Day From Google Adsense

AdSense: It is a site that displays advertisements for advertisers on websites when subscribing and applying some terms and privacy policy. 

There are many ways to earn from Google Adsense, but I will put some magical ways to earn clicks and raise CPC Adsense.

First of all, a picture of my own Google Adsense account

Magical ways to make better profits 

  1. Page refresh code
  2. VIP account
  3. click boost code 
  4. Website graphic upload code

All of these things increase the profits of your Google Adsense account, but there are ways to use these codes to avoid the ban 

I will explain each method individually! 

1- vpn account

1- Vpn Account&Nbsp;&Nbsp;  

It is a program that changes your location and sets another time zone, such as America, Cuba, Korea, North America 

Through this paid program, you can get excellent clicks, but I use the paid version, taking into account the number of clicks 

2- Update code for a page 


The refresh code for a page is a simple code that automatically updates the website page that increases the number of impressions and an increase in the bounce rate 

Where to put the code in the header of the site 

3- Code to increase clicks

The clicks increase code, while searching for a specific program on your site, you can only download this program in one way, which is to click on the Adsense advertisement 

4- graphic upload code 

Very dangerous code on the site, but it will not be attached 

On YouTube, we notice a lot of videos that show large monthly profits for user accounts. On my site, I have developed magical ways to increase profits.

Use these simple methods, thank you 

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