Florida doctor arrested for murder, attorney missing

Florida doctor arrested for murder, attorney missing


A physician in Florida has been arrested on murder charges related to the disappearance of a Tampa-area lawyer

Florida doctor arrested for murder, attorney missing



A plastic surgeon in the Tampa area has been charged with murder, and he is accused of killing a lawyer who has been missing since last week from a firm that represents former co-workers that the doctor has been suing in a business dispute. The lawyer was last seen at the firm where the doctor was suing his former co-workers.


On Saturday, the police in Largo, Florida, arrested Dr. Tomasz Kosowski and charged him with first-degree murder in connection with the disappearance of Steven Cozzi. Mr. Cozzi was employed at Blanchard Law at the time of his abduction, and he was last seen there on Tuesday.


Even though the corpse of Cozzi has not been located, the police said on Sunday that they had evidence to suggest that Kosowski was responsible for his death.


They said that a considerable quantity of blood together with Cozzi’s wallet, phone, and keys were discovered in the restroom of the legal office where the investigation was being conducted. They claim that they saw a suspicious individual and automobile at the workplace, which led them to Kosowski. According to the authorities, evidence that led to the doctor’s arrest was discovered when searching his residence in Tarpon Springs. They did not provide any other details.



Kosowski, 44 years old, also known as “Dr. K,” was being detained without the possibility of bond at the Pinellas County Prison on Sunday. The court and prison records do not reveal whether or whether he has retained legal representation.


Blanchard Law has been defending Kosowski’s former employer as well as his former coworkers in a case that he first brought against them four years ago and that is still continuing. The senior partner of the company, Jake Blanchard, did not immediately reply to an email and a phone call left on Sunday requesting comment.


According to Kosowski’s statement in the complaint, he started working for Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery in 2016, mostly doing breast reconstruction surgery. He claimed that the woman the Laufer Institute had assigned to do his insurance billing had not filed claims and had lied to his patients, which had the effect of costing him tens of thousands of dollars and causing his patients to post negative reviews of him online.





According to the vz filed by Kosowski, the activities of the lady have “basically ruined” the promising young career of Dr. K. Because of something that was completely beyond of his control, his professional life is in peril, and his reputation has been severely damaged.



Florida doctor arrested for murder, attorney missing

In 2018, he handed in his notice at Laufer Institute and started his own private practice. On Sunday, a phone call to the Laufer Institute requesting comment was not immediately returned.

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