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Five ways to improve your site’s ranking on Google and get real traffic!

Five ways to improve your site’s ranking on Google and get real traffic!

If you use these tips, your website will rank higher in search engine results as it becomes search engine optimized (SEO).

Five ways to improve your site's ranking on google and get real traffic!

1- Publish reliable, high-quality content

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The most important factor affecting your search engine rankings is the quality and authority of the content you publish.

This is especially true when using SEO marketing.

The more visitors your site receives, the more reliable and relevant it becomes due to the quality of the materials you create with your target audience in mind.

Develop your web writing abilities and establish yourself as a subject matter expert

2) Update your content regularly

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We’ve undoubtedly made it clear that we care a lot about content.

Likewise, search engines. One of the best ways to gauge a site’s relevance is how often the information is updated, so be sure to do that.

On a regular basis (every semester, for example), review and update your content as necessary.


Creating keyword-rich content for your news blog can help improve your search engine rankings.

Even shorter updates about the specific topics you’re aiming for can be used as blogs.

Linking to relevant CMS web pages and blog posts when doing so will help the reader to better understand the topic or provide it with more detail.

3) Metadata

3) metadata

Every page on your website must contain a space between Title > Metadata Tags – Information about the contents of the page.

If you have a CMS site built by the UMC web team, this information will already be pre-populated for you.

However, as your site evolves over time, it is imperative that you check and update your metadata.

4) Have a website worth links

4) have a website worth links


You are more likely to receive links from other websites when a website is reliable and unbiased and helps users learn more about what they are interested in.

This boosts your search engine.

By including relevant links in the content, you can increase your authority and credibility.

Try writing the name of the site instead of the “click here” links.

“Click here” has no additional search engine value other than the connecting URL.

Use descriptive links whenever possible to link to keywords;

This not only promotes search engine optimization but also benefits readers, especially those with disabilities.

5) Use alt text in your HTML

5) use alt text in your html

Use alt tags or alt text descriptions to always describe images and video.

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