Envato Elements

Envato ‎ All that you Want to Done Imaginative Undertakings 2023

Envato ‎ All that you Want to Done Imaginative Undertakings 2023

Might it be said that you are looking through the web to find out about Envato? Indeed! Then, at that point, you arrived on the right blog entry. This blog entry will cover Envato‎s stages and its web-based commercial centers. You will be stunned to find out about Envato in the following 15 minutes. Thus, don‎t burn through any time. Let‎s jump into the focal piece of this blog entry.

Envato ‎ all that you want to done imaginative undertakings 2023

What is Envato?

Envato is a world-leading online community and top digital asset, resources, and services platform that professionally brings your ideas to life. It‎s a permanent solution for everything you need to complete your creative projects. Envato helps millions of people around the world visit Envato to buy and sell creative assets, use innovative design templates, learn creative skills, or even hire freelancers.

Who uses Envato platforms?

There are 10+ million users who use Envato platforms and online marketplaces as their resources of millions of creative assets like ‎ web themes templates, video effects templates, royalty-free audio & video music, the most popular CMS code, plugins, graphics templates, logos, images, and more.

The number of Envato users is increasing by 2+ million every year, and most of them are digital marketers, designers, SEOs, bloggers, freelancers, companies, and agencies.

Envato platforms and marketplaces

Envato comes with six sub and world-leading platforms: Envato Market, Envato Elements, Placeit, Envato tuts+ Mixkit, and reshot, which connect customers to world-class assets by Envato authors around the globe. These platforms of Envato‎s empower the product authors and customers.

Envato Market

Envato market
Envato Market is the world‎s top platform for pictures, themes, plugins, codes, audio, video, graphics, photos, 3D project files, and creative materials, which helps millions of people worldwide.

The Envato Market also has seven subs and top-leading marketplaces: Themeforest, Codecanyon, Videohive, Audiojungle, Graphicriver, Photodune, and 3docean, which helps authors and customers to buy and sell digital assets.

Themeforest: Themeforest is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell professional themes, website templates, and CMS (content management system) products like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Codecanyon: Codecanyon is another online marketplace where you can buy and sell thousands of code, scripts & plugins for every website build like PHP, eCommerce plugins, Bootstrap, mobile app templates, and more.

Videohive: Videohive is another online marketplace where you can buy and sell stock footage, video effects & video templates, which are the most popular royalty free after Effects, premiere pro, apple motion, motion graphics, DaVinci Resolve, and stock footage.

Audiojungle: Audiojungle is another online marketplace where you can buy and sell royalty-free music and audio tracks starting from $1, like music, music packs, sound effects, logos-indents, music kits, and source files.

Graphicriver: Graphicriver is another online marketplace where you can buy and sell fonts, logos & presentations starting from $2, like most popular graphics, print, web elements, add-ons, vectors, presentations, icons, fonts, and logos.


Photodune: Photodune is another online marketplace where you can buy and sell royalty-free photos starting from $2, like the most popular photo categories, like animals. Architecture, business, health, food, sports, people, travel, and technology.

3docean: 3docean is another online marketplace where you can buy and sell print models and CG textures starting from $2, like 3D models, cars, HDRI images, CG textures, materials shaders, base meshes, scripts, and plugins.

Envato Elements pricing

Us7p - gpl premium wordpress themes ✔️ plugins for free

Envato Elements comes with four plans Individuals, students, teams, and enterprise. All these plans provide unlimited downloads, 12+ million assets, simple licensing, and cancel-anytime features. Also, Envato Elements offers a free account-creating option that allows you to get 12 hand-selected files every month.

Individuals plans come with a $16.50/m
Student plans come with a 30% off of $16.50/m
The team plan comes with a $10.75/m per member.
To get the enterprise plan, you‎ve to contact Envato Elements support.
Please visit Envato Elements to learn more about its pricing and plans.

Envato Tuts+

Envato Tuts+ is another online platform that helps you learn creative skills and shape your life. Here you can explore thousands of tutorials, tips, and tricks from leading industry experts. You will find design, business, photo-video, web design, code, music, and audio courses here. These courses are free to discover the key strategies and guidelines for driving your creative work and growing your career using industry-leading software.


Mixkit is another Envato‎s online platform that helps you to get free assets for your next video project. Using Mizkit, you can use excellent stock video clips, sound effects, stock music, and video templates that give a fantastic look to your video project.

Can you make money on Envato?


Yes, you can make a massive amount of money through Envato. By joining the Envato affiliate programs ‎ Envato elements, Placeit, and Envato market, you can earn money by referring individual digital assets, our unlimited creative subscription, or our DIY design tool. Please visit the Envato affiliate page to learn more.


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