Email Marketing

email Marketing 100% Success Reach the Top

email Marketing 100% Success Reach the Top

The use of e-mail marketing products and services companies – and stimulate the survival of customers and gain as much as possible of the trust of your customers
E-marketing is a form of internet marketing by having all customers and friends in one mailing list

Email marketing 100% success reach the top

Aware of new products, offers and discounts for all existing services
Through e-marketing, there can be a close bridge between you and your customers in the products you offer and encourage them to buy them

Through e-marketing, there can be a good return for you, and it depends

Through e-marketing, there can be a good return for you, and it depends

1- According to the adequacy
2- How to deal with customers
3- Gain the trust of customers
4- Respect customers
5- There are good offers
6- That there are similar prices

Through this, you will get good e-marketing and earn more money

Through this, you will get good e-marketing and earn more money

Raise your level in email marketing!
To gain as much customer trust as possible you must follow tactical methods to earn respect = earn more money
Email tools can also be used on any platform to develop your brand and sell more things

When you want to sell anything and market your brand – e-marketing is one of the most used tools with marketing campaigns to gain customer trust and make a lot of money

Successful e-marketing method!

1- Put all customers in one mailing list
2- There should be special prices in promoting products
3- Gaining customers’ trust through good treatment
4- There should be a certain tactic to satisfy your distinguished customers
5- The products are distinguished
6- Work on your brand logo in an artistic way

The date of the beginning of e-marketing in the first message, the beginning of 1971!
By a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson, the first message was numbers and symbols, but it was a real start and a quantum leap in the world of the Internet
He is also the first person to introduce the @ symbol in Internet addresses

In early 1978 the director of marketing at Digital Equipment Corp used the first direct e-mail contact in the first commercial message to inform people about a new product.

And this was the real beginning of changing the parameters of the Internet, and the message was only 400 people, but it got sales of more than 13 million dollars

By the 1990s, the Internet had become commercially available to the masses of the planet, and people began to communicate with each other through the Internet and e-mail.

Advantages of email marketing and ways to succeed

Email has become an awesome marketing tool in our society by creating a company, advertising and earning more customers and money
And for e-mail, the user gives only 2 options

1- As for reading mail
2- Or delete the mail

Studies show that the number of email readers is far greater than the number of people who delete it

Tips for Building a Great Emailing List for Successful Email Marketing
In the beginning, the methods of success require an effort to win customers

E-mail and Internet marketing is one of the ways to succeed in making more money

E-mail and internet marketing is one of the ways to succeed in making more money


1- Do not buy my email lists – focus on encouraging people to subscribe and receive your products by mail
2- Offers can be made and a discount offered at the beginning on some products
3- Attracting customers with writing style
4- Use emojis to make your mailing look better

There are many methods of e-marketing on the Internet
But here I am putting in your hands paid ways to earn a lot of money and gain the trust of customers

There is a product for sale – first create an Internet marketing mailing list

There is a product for sale – first create an internet marketing mailing list

1- Add all your friends and relatives to your mailing list and create a distinctive logo for your products

Products logo!
1- short logo
2- to be special
3- Use an attractive design
4- To be your permanent motto

2- Introduce your products to your friends, relatives in your university, at special prices, with the company’s logo

3- With the product presentation, write briefly what the product is and what it is talking about

4- Earn their trust

5- Ask them to share the product with friends on their mailing lists as much as possible

6- Making magic ways to lure customers

7- Deliver the product as soon as possible

This is an explanation only for work and to gain the trust of customers. Wait for us in an upcoming explanation to explain how to write a letter to friends and relatives in a distinctive way and to customers to gain their trust

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