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Easy Ways to Increase Google Adsense cpc Earnings 2023

Easy Ways to Increase Google Adsense cpc Earnings 2023

Your Google Adsense income feels less than ideal right now. Following some of the below-listed suggestions will help you increase your Google Adsense earnings.

Easy ways to increase google adsense cpc

1: Boost Traffic

The same applies to YouTube and blogs. Increased traffic is one approach to boosting Adsense earnings.

This straightforward estimate shows that you can make $4,000,000 in income with 10,000 visitors each month.

Your income should increase by a factor of 10 by increasing traffic to 100,000.

How can you increase traffic? The advice is actually the same as the previous advice:

Suitable keyword research.

Make high-quality articles that are SEO-friendly. In this case, it’s not just about writing; you also need to understand Onpage SEO.

One of which has already been done if you have written articles that follow SEO guidelines.

And finally, off-page SEO.

Since the first tip doesn’t help you right away, please also use the following tips to make as much money as possible.


2: Adsense Ad Placement

It only takes a little bit of experimentation to find the optimal Google Adsense ad position or layout.

Examples of one blog and another blog in the exact same placement, but with distinct outcomes that can vary by as much as 70%.

Niche has the most power because it greatly affects an ad’s CTR and CPC.

Even though the placement is the same, different templates have an impact due to things like color and layout, as well as widgets, pages, and posts.

Fortunately, this is the most absurd of them all; the results, however, are extremely far off. They all use the same niche, template, and ad placement.

While YouTube selects the placement that works best for your video. You can insert an advertisement in the middle of a long video.

3. Making Custom Channels & URLs

Have you used custom channels and URL channels to your advantage? If not, you are skipping out on important information that might boost your Adsense earnings significantly.

  • URL of the channel

For monitoring the performance of certain sites or pages with specific URL patterns, URL channels are helpful.


For those of you who have a hierarchical URL structure, this is extremely helpful.

If you know which pages bring in the most money, you can make the necessary changes to boost those pages again, like adding more pages to certain categories, for example.

However, you can only add a total of 500 URL Channels, making it impossible to track every website separately.

  • Dedicated Channel

One way to think of a custom channel is as a collection of various ad units. Up to five distinct custom channels can accommodate each ad unit.

Examples of special channels in use

grouping adverts on specific website pages (posts, pages, forums and so on),

It combines all of the advertising into one position (header, sidebar, content, and so on).

The performance of your advertisement may then be simply tracked to determine which blog post or position produces the best results. Then make the further optimizations that are required.

But the real benefit of custom channels is that they make it possible to target ads in a more direct way.

A custom channel with placement targeting can be set up so that advertisers can directly reserve ad slots or spaces on your blog.

As a result, as more auction bids are placed on the area, your CPC value will skyrocket.

Additionally, placement targeting raises your likelihood of receiving non-CPC advertisements or CPM-based ads where you are compensated simply for displaying them (no clicks required).

If you don’t create a custom channel, which is really simple to do, you’re not doing anything crucial to increasing your Adsense revenue.

4: Follow the Adsense Optimization Guidelines.

Then, you can try to abide by what Google Adsense advises under the Optimization menu.


  • Using targeted advertising
  • Utilizing auto advertisements,
  • The use of matched content
  • Using AMP

5. Rotate your ad units

In addition to the layout and ad units used were optimized. Rotate is another option:

  • ad size
  • Placement of ads
  • ad type,
  • ad design.

If many devoted blog readers who are already familiar with the placement of adverts on blogs use these tactics, they are highly successful.

6: increase your CPC and CTR

It goes without saying that higher CPC and CTR will result in higher money.

Search for high-value niches and keywords to increase CPC, then use the ad placement experiments previously mentioned to raise CTR.

7. Use responsive templates

For those who are unaware, the percentage of mobile users currently varies between 60% and 70%, compared to 30% to 40% for desktop users.

Utilizing a responsive template design is one step you can take to increase your income.

Now, I’m positive that everything is responsive; if not, let’s fix it going forward.

8: Link your Google Analytics and AdSense accounts.

By linking a Google Analytics account to an Adsense account.

The pages with high income or the pages with lots of visitors but low income will be obvious to you right away.

If that is the case, there are websites with great traffic but little revenue.

The last remaining step is to optimize the page using the techniques covered above, including ad placement and others.

In essence, this is excellent for maximizing Adsense revenue.

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