Download WOOF v3.3.0 WooCommerce Free

Download WOOF v3.3.0 WooCommerce Free

If you are a WP + PHP developer and you want to create something unusual for your project – using the WOOF

Download Woof V3.3.0 Woocommerce Free

extension API – WooCommerce Products Filter and default extensions as an example, you have You can create almost any extension for a search form and even a custom byproduct loop template for your own purposes. Maximum flexibility!


Infinite Scroll

Allows loading and viewing of woocommerce products on store and category pages without clicking pagination buttons

  • Images can be html-elements filter in search form
  • Color can be same as html-elements filter in search form
  • Price filter as range slider OR as drop-down menu
  • Show hidden search form as BUTTON
  • In plugin settings for radio and html-elements checkbox in filter form can be selected different skins
  • Ability to create custom product layout template and use it with shortcode [woof_products] in ajax mode and redirect, see custom_tpl and tpl_index attributes
  • Any plugin extension can be created (developers only). See the ‘ext’ folder for code examples
  • WOOF has a broad API described in CODEX
  • WOOF uses native WooCommerce API allowing coexistence and cooperation with plugins Create for WooCommerce

Strong technical support works every day with code snippets!

From the powerful backend editor you can include only what is necessary or more complex than required with large product ranges adding every type of filter imaginable.


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