Download WooCommerce Boost Sales 2023 Free

Download WooCommerce Boost Sales 2023 Free

Cross-selling is a comparable marketing approach in which a salesman recommends the acquisition of other items for sale.

Download woocommerce boost sales 2023 free

“Would you want some ice cream to go with that cake?” he would remark, for example. Both strategies may help firms increase income while also providing a valuable customer experience. Upselling, on the other hand, has been demonstrated to be more successful than cross-selling in studies.

  • Up-sale: Woocommerce After clients click the Add to Cart button, an upsell pop-up displays, suggesting that they purchase up-sell goods, which increase your earnings.
  • Cross-sale: Cross-sell pop-ups should be displayed on single product pages, cart pages, and check-out pages. Customers should be advised to purchase a lower-cost bundle package.
  • Bar with a Discount: The amount that must be spent in order to receive a discount is shown. Encourage clients to purchase more items.


Upsells & Cross Sells Popups & Discount

Download woocommerce boost sales 2023 free

  • Up-sell
    • Display a pop-up with up-sells: When users click the Add to Cart button, a WooCommerce upsell popup will appear, introducing upsell goods. Up-sells are identical items that provide you a higher profit margin.
    • Data synchronization with WooCommerce: If you’ve already developed a WooCommerce upsell product, the plugin lets you sync and use it with WooCommerce Boost Sales.
    • To each product, add up-sell items: Configure which goods will display on each product’s up-sell pop-up.
    • On single product pages, hide: On single product pages, you can enable or disable the pop-up.
    • Display all goods in the following category: In the up-sell pop-up, show all goods in the category of the product consumers just added to cart.
    • Product must be excluded: Choose which goods should not display in up-sell pop-ups.
    • Upsell pop-ups can be customized in the following ways: Customize the pop-up design, the number of goods that display on the pop-up, and the message.
    • Add to Cart using AJAX: without refreshing the page, add up-sell goods to the basket
  • Cross-sell
    • Bundles of products: Creating product bundles and then selling them at a discount.
    • Display a cross-sells pop-up: Show a cross-sell pop-up with a bundle offering that contains the item that the consumer is about to purchase.
    • Shown next to the Add to Cart button: On the single product page, display the cross-sells bundle under the Add to basket button.
    • Choose which page should be displayed: Choose which pages the cross-sell pop-up will show on.
    • Choose the product package you want to see: If a product is available in two or more bundles, you can choose to show the highest price or a random pricing.
    • Product variations include: Customers may pick the variable choice right in the pop-up when adding variant goods to a cross-sell package.
    • Make the message your own: Make the cross-sell pop-up message your own (Hang on we have this offer just for you)
    • Design freedom: Customize the backdrop, text, icon, and beginning delay of the cross-sell package.
    • Position: The cross-sell bundle can be shown under the add to cart button, above the product description, or as a pop-up.
    • Name of the bundle: The bundle will be titled “Bundle of…” by default, but you can modify it.
    • Discount policy: Using rules, set the bundle’s default discount price. For each price range, each rule will be implemented.
    • Sync WooCommerce’s Cross-Sell: WooCommerce cross-sell bundles may be synced.
    • Add to Cart using AJAX: Bundles can be added to the cart without having to reload the page.
    • Other goods can be added to the bundle: After you’ve created a bundle, you may use it to promote a variety of different goods.
  • Discount bar:
    • Progress bar with a discount: The discount progress meter shows how much customers must spend in order to receive the discount. (Based on the WooCommerce system’s discount coupon).
    • How much more is there: Support users are aware of how much more they must spend in order to qualify for the discount.
    • Data synchronization with WooCommerce: The plugin connects to WooCommerce to sync data. To show on the discount progress bar, you can choose a coupon made in the WooCommerce system.
    • Customers are thanked: When a consumer meets the discount’s minimum, a THANK YOU message appears to congratulate them.
    • Customize the progress bar for the discount: The progress bar’s location, color, background, description, and messages can all be customized.
    • Take me straight to the checkout page: Allow for an automated redirect to the checkout page after the discount has been reached.
  • Other features
    • Auto-update: If you provide your purchase code, the plugin will automatically update whenever a new version is released.
    • Support the RTL website by clicking here: The plugin will show RTL webpages, backends, pop-ups, and more correctly.
    • Works on mobile devices: On mobile devices, Woocommerce Boost Sales works well.
    • SPEED: The Ajax technology is used in this plugin. When customers add items to their shopping cart, a pop-up will appear.
    • Simple to use: It has a user-friendly interface that is simple to operate.

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