Download Thrive Apprentice v4.7.1 WordPress Free

Download Thrive Apprentice v4.7.1 WordPress Free

For your students, subscribers and customers, the Thrive Apprentice learning environment is intuitive to use, visually appealing and professional – exactly what students expect from modern online learning .

Download thrive apprentice v4. 7. 1 wordpress free

Use any combination of text, images, video, and design elements to easily teach entire online courses to your students with ease and clarity.


The Best Online Course Building

Thrive apprentice
  • Create online courses with a professional design feel
  • Lessons linked for you…makes the stress of dealing with confusing text-linked navigations.
  • Build your online courses FAST FAST!
  • Build as many courses as you want. When you have more than 2 published courses, Thrive Apprentice will display them on a beautiful and user-friendly course selection page.
  • Thrive Apprentice has a quick and simple integration with SendOwl
  • Keep EVERYTHING you build.
  • Grow your email list faster by creating impressive free online courses
  • Take advantage of a professional online course environment with a new registration feature built-in.
  • Restrict access to people who are not registered for the courses you specify.
  • You can now enable expensive membership plugins for simple list building
  • Use the Thrive Apprentice sidebar widget to give your students quick access to all the Modules, Chapters and Lessons in a given course.
  • Thrive Apprentice works with any WordPress theme

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