Download ReviewX Pro v1.3.7 Plugin for WordPress Free

Download ReviewX Pro v1.3.7 Plugin for WordPress Free

ReviewX Pro Nulled helps WooCommerce product owners increase sales by using the power of multicriteria customer reviews.

Download reviewx pro v1. 3. 7 plugin for wordpress free

ReviewX allows you to collect fast customer ratings and multicriteria reviews to boost conversion rates and give credibility to your WooCommerce store.


 Multicriteria Review Plugin for WordPress

Download reviewx pro v1. 3. 7 plugin for wordpress free

  • Multiple Criteria for Evaluation: Create numerous review criteria to make your product more transparent for customers and to receive specific comments that will help you enhance the quality of your product.
  • Email Reminder for Review: Send an email to your customer reminding them to leave a review for the item(s) they bought from your store. ReviewX review reminder emails include pre-written email content as well as built-in presets. A template for an email that serves as a review reminder.
  • Customer Feedback and Ratings: Sort customer reviews and ratings by most recent, photo, text, or top-rated reviews to inspire visitors to make a purchase choice right away.
  • Visual Representation in Advance: Display customer reviews and rating statistics on each product page to instantly increase the value of a product.
  • Photo-based reviews: Allow users to contribute authentic product photographs in order to win prospective customer trust and increase the credibility of your offering.
  • For reviews, manage order status: Allows you to choose whatever order status to allow your clients to post reviews under; you have complete control.
  • Customization of the theme: To make customers’ reviews and ratings stand out, choose several themes for graphical status, photo review style, and color customization.
  • Rank on Google Rich Schema for SEO: Display ratings on Google searches to increase traffic and improve SEO rankings and conversions.
  • Organize all WooCommerce reviews in one place: A dedicated panel that allows you to manage all of your WooCommerce reviews in one spot. Advanced search, filtering, and sorting tools are included.
  • Integration with Elementor: ReviewX comes with a number of built-in widgets for the Elementor builder that let you handle all of your review aspects quickly and easily.
  • Email Logs for Reminders: Show all planned emails with a clear status, such as ‘Delivered,”Unsubscribed,’Scheduled,’Cancelled,’Failed,’ and so on.
  • Badge of Verification: A verified purchaser badge establishes trust in your shop by demonstrating authenticity.
  • reCAPTCHA: You may use ReviewX to enable reCAPTCHA to ensure that the reviewer is a real person. It has a switch to enable/disable it at any moment.
  • Multiple Photo and Video Reviews: To acquire potential customers’ confidence and make your goods more genuine, provide reviews with several product photos and videos. You may upload video or share an external video link with ReviewX.
  • To Increase Credibility Through Social Sharing: To increase sales and encourage free promotion, use the ReviewX social sharing function to engage with more potential consumers on social media channels.
  • Allowing customers to edit their reviews is a good idea: Customers can edit their reviews at any time, but you’ll always have the option to activate or disable them.
  • Using a voting system to increase customer engagement: Customers should be able to mark any review as helpful. When you wish to enable/disable this engine, it’s entirely up to you.
  • Allow Customers to Leave Reviews Without Identifying Their Names: Allow customers to post reviews while they’re undercover to instill trust in you.
  • Using a highlighter to draw attention to a review: Put a spotlight on the review(s) you wish to show off to your consumers.
  • Admin Response: ReveiwX allows you to respond to a review, demonstrating to your clients that you are trustworthy.
  • Product Reviews from Imports: ReviewX made it possible to import product reviews. This function allows you to swiftly and efficiently import all product reviews and ratings from one online shop to another.
  • WordPress Posts & Custom Posts: Review: ReviewX isn’t only for WooCommerce. You may use ReviewX to collect reviews from your readers in your posts and custom posts. ReviewX may be utilized with multi-criteria and traditional stars in several CPT formats in custom post types (CPT).
  • Logging in automatically after receiving a review reminder email: Your customer may now be auto-logged into your site when they click on the review link in the ReviewX review reminder email.
  • Integration of the Oxygen Builder: ReviewX’s Oxygen building parts allow you to present your review collections with complete aesthetic freedom. Each part of review information may be customized using ‘ReviewX Woo Reviews.’
  • Integration with the Divi Builder: ReviewX has created a special Divi builder plugin that allows you to display your review collections with complete design freedom. You may control and customise each aspect of review information with this custom module.
  • Email Reminder for Review with Extensive Filter: You may send a review reminder email to your client with a precise date range and a detailed product filter in several levels.
  • From the WordPress dashboard, add a review: From the dashboard with attachments, you may manually add reviews to selected goods of custom posts. The name admin, anonymous, or custom user can be used to add a review.
  • Various Rating Styles

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