Download MetaFans 2023 Network BuddyPress Free

Download MetaFans 2023 Network BuddyPress Free

Use the elementor page builder to create your design. All of the pages have been meticulously designed to accommodate your every requirement! We also supply demo data in our API to give you a taste of what it’s like to use it.

Download metafans 2023 network buddypress free

Demo: https://themeforest.net/item/metafans-community-social-network-buddypress-theme/31265593

Profile Status Updates Form Has Been Renovated!

Download metafans 2023 network buddypress free

The Buddypress status update window has been updated! Upload images and GIFs with ease. change your status, amend your articles, and even connect to Youtube videos simply pasting the URL!! You’ll be able to choose from a variety of status updates and activity posts (like when someone becomes your friend).

You’ll also be able to pin, favorite, and private your posts, all of which are immediately identifiable by our special symbols!

Gamipress: Gamification Badges

We created a badge policy using the Gamipress Achievements function, where you may unfasten them and earn credits to unlock profile ranks! You can also display them indecently on your profile with the badge widget!

Gamipress: Gamification Quests

We created a search system using the Gamipress Achievements function, where you can complete them and earn credits to unlock profile rankings! With the missions widget, you may proudly display them in your profile, just like the badges!

Credits & Coins Gamification by Gamipress

We developed three distinct credits using the Gamipress Points feature: Gold, Gems, and Emeralds. Use them to gain new levels and unlock new ranks! With the credits widget, you may proudly display them on your profile, and you’ll always be able to view your current balance on the top bar.

Gamipress: Gamification Ranking

We designed a 6-rank system using the Gamipress Ranks function, where you can “level up” by collecting credits and meeting conditions! Your rank number and progress are now connected to your profile avatars! The outside progress bar will allow you to easily monitor each user’s rank and progress.

Amazing Reactions on a Blog Page

A comprehensive blog with three distinct views: list, small grid, and large grid, to allow users to find their favorite article easily. We created three distinct open post views as well as several post kinds such as normal, video, audio, and gallery. We also incorporated responses, much as with the Buddypress post updates, so users can express their opinions!

Amazing Groups that are Simple to Manage

We designed an author portal where your readers can simply modify their avatar, cover photo, social networks, personal information, and much more without having to go via the Wordpress panel.

Management of a Stylish Author Hub

Create and manage Buddypress groups with ease! We built a sleek administration system for you inside the author hub so you can simply establish and manage your groups, elevate writers to mods or admins, verify invitations, and more!

We developed a number of videos as part of our documentation to assist you with the setup and customization of every component of our theme; you can find all of those movies here on the top banner. Before you buy, please ask us all of your questions!

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