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Best ways to get quick approval from Google Adsense 

Best ways to get quick approval from Google Adsense 

These days, it has become very difficult to get approved for an AdSense account. It wasn’t like three or four years ago when we were able to get our AdSense account approved through free blogs created on

Best ways to get quick approval from google adsense 

Therefore, today I will suggest 5 tips that will help you get your GA account approved very quickly:


1. Apply with your domain
You must have your own domain name when applying for a publisher account with GA. You can see more benefits of owning your own domain name compared to a free domain here.

2. Provide high quality
content Always provide high quality content on your blog and never think of copying content from other websites and blogs as no one likes copy and paste blog like Google. Also, make sure your blog content complies with GA policies. You must publish at least 30-40 articles on your blog before applying for Google AdSense. If you apply using a blog with only 3 or 4 posts, the chances of your GA account getting approved are very low.

3. Domain age matters
Domain age also plays an important role when you are considering applying for an account with GA. You must apply for an AdSense account with the oldest and most popular blog. Your chances of being accepted into the Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program are very high if you apply in a domain that is more than 6 months old.

4. Good Blog Traffic
Many blogs are rejected for not having real traffic to them. So the chance of your blog being accepted into AdSense is rare if the blog you are applying to does not have an adequate amount of traffic.

5. Some other questions
You must use a valid email address and name when applying for an AdSense account. With this, your blog should have a professional look and should not have broken links, page under construction, HTML or grammatical errors.

Upgrade adsense hosted account

an introduction

Buy domain and hosting

buy domain
Host selection
Domain Configuration and Hosting

Create a blog

install wordpress
Install the required plugins
Configure Settings
Create a blog in Blogger (Optional)

Create a website or blog

Basic rules to follow to create a website
install wordpress template
Create the required pages
Create a blog in Blogger (Optional)

Writing content

Basic rules to follow while writing content
Create Categories
Check that the content is unique or not
Write content in posts
Publish and schedule posts
Attribute Configuration
Google AdSense Rules Test


What is a sitemap and its uses
Create a sitemap in WordPress
Create a sitemap in Blogger (optional)
Submit sitemap in Google Search Console

Apply for AdSense

Things to check before applying
Apply for AdSense approval
Can do things after approval
Things not to do after approval

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