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Best Email Provider 2022

Best Email Provider 2022

Your email service provider is the place that contains your inbox, sent message box, and spam, and if you want to start your email marketing campaigns, choosing the best and most appropriate service provider will facilitate the next steps for you.

Best email provider 2022

When email started in October 1969, email offered only two options: Check your inbox and send messages. Now there are millions of options to choose from. Here is a list of the best email providers out there:

Make sure your service provider provides security

Make sure your service provider provides security

People care a lot about information security these days, and of course everyone is looking for the most secure and private services to keep their data from being stolen or misused.

According to Hotspot, more than 150 billion emails are sent daily, each with an average of 15 attachments per day, and 53% of users say they lose files with sensitive information while sending emails.

This means that your sensitive information may be available to anyone, so you should put security into your criteria for choosing the best email provider.

Building a mailing list

If you ask an online store founder or  manager  for effective marketing advice, most of them will tell you to start building a mailing list from day one of your store, and you learn from this tip to start collecting mail subscribers in your store sooner.

Mailing lists are created by collecting the email addresses of your visitors, and those mailing lists are generally stored in your email service provider, and one of the main things you should know before compiling your mailing list is that you need legal permission to send your mailings and promotions to your potential customers, so that they do not You fall into  email marketing mistakes .

To get that permission, your visitors must “subscribe” to your newsletter service of their own volition, and there are many ways to encourage them to do so. Visitors choose to subscribe to newsletter services for several reasons, such as the following:

  • Learn more about your store and its products and services.
  • Get the best offers periodically.
  • Keep them informed of the latest products you offer in your store.
  • Get discount codes and special offers.

Don’t break the laws during your marketing campaigns

Don't break the laws during your marketing campaigns

Email marketing is an example of what is called  permission marketing , a term coined by American marketer and author Seth Godin. It means that visitors must voluntarily choose to subscribe to your mailing list, and the relationship between your brand and customers must be built on this permission.

This is based not only on the marketing aspect and the image it reflects of your brand, but also – and this is the most important point – on the legal aspect. Many countries have established laws and rules to control the email marketing process, and if you violate these laws, you may be subject to legal accountability and claim huge compensation and sometimes even more than that, and an example of these laws:

  • CAN-SPAM Act : This is an acronym for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003. This law gives those affected by unsolicited email or spam the right to sue against the rights the law sets out, and allows the government to The Federal Reserve is taking action against him, and fines can reach up to $250 per email.
  • GDPR : Known as the General Data Protection Regulation, this regulation protects the data of people within the European Union, and also provides for the criminalization of sending promotional emails without permission.
  • CASL : Short for Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, this law helps protect Canadian citizen data while ensuring business-to-business competitiveness.

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