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Best 5 Ways to Boost AdSense CPC

Best 5 Ways to Boost AdSense CPC

Adsense is one of the most profitable sites on the Internet. It displays advertisers’ ads on your site or blog, and through these ads you get good monthly profits. 

Best 5 Ways To Boost Adsense Cpc

Take advantage of this article, the most important 5 steps of ways to earn and raise the price of CPC from Google Adsense 

1. Take advantage of the Ad Review Center:

1. Take Advantage Of The Ad Review Center:

You should go to the Ad Review Center in your Google AdSense account. This is where you can find out how much money an ad category is currently paying you.

You can also check out the many ad categories currently available on the website. If you notice someone not paying enough, block them to increase AdSense CPC. This small change can benefit more than most people realize, but only professionals can make the changes. 

Categories that are not relevant to the site’s niche or content should be disabled. Let’s imagine that you are currently blogging about issues related to technology. Ads from religion or dating will not be relevant in this case, lowering your AdSense CPC. Do not believe that such ads do not exist. In the Ad Review Center, you can see that they do.

2. Take advantage of the Ad Filter for competing ads:

2. Take Advantage Of The Ad Filter For Competing Ads:

This is just another benefit of having a Google AdSense account. You can use it to prevent ads from appearing on your pages in general or on specific pages. It is possible to prevent such ads from appearing on a website. Unless you remove ads from the competition, the rise in CPC will be minimal.

3. Consider the viewer platform:

3. Consider The Viewer Platform:

Laptops, desktop computers, smartphones, and other devices are used to browse websites. It is crucial to monitor the different platforms that users use to access your site. In general, the platform will have little impact on CPC.

However, we all know that the more goals you set, the more likely you are to succeed. Currently, most of our readers use laptops and desktop computers. This is likely to change in the future.

The ads that appear on mobile devices are often of higher quality. As a result, you must ensure that your website is well suited to mobile consumers. Many blogging platforms, such as WordPress, make it easy to work with plugins. On the other hand, large websites without open source CMS systems will require financial investments to make the necessary changes.

4. Increasing the number of users from specific countries:

This is an important thing to consider if you want to increase your AdSense CPC. It is better to target specific countries as they will have better deals for you. One click on an ad in the US, for example, can pay up to $3. If a visitor from India clicks on the same ad, it will only cost 30 cents.

The content of the site must be intended for an audience in English-speaking countries. If you have a lot of traffic from countries with low click value, you may need to use something other than AdSense to increase your earnings.

5- Experiment with different ad sizes and placements:

Ad size and ad position on the website are two aspects that affect how much you get from each lick. You have shown accurate positioning to generate more profits based on the site you run. To boost your AdSense CPC, you should keep trying these two items. Change the location of your ad for a week to see how it affects your CPC. Regarding ad sizes, stick to average sizes as they always bring in more money than individual sizes due to the volume of advertisers they hire.

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