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Benefits and Importance of Email Security in the New Reality 2023

Benefits and Importance of Email Security in the New Reality 2023

Protecting sensitive data like emails and other online data is more important than ever as our world becomes increasingly digital. In this new reality, email security is essential to keeping your data safe.

Benefits and importance of email security in the new reality 2023

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how important email security is, why it’s so important to protect your data, the benefits of protecting your emails, and how the new reality of working from home and learning from home has made email security even more important.

Why is email security critical to your company?

Email security is essential for protecting your data and staying safe online in the digital age. It is essential to ensure the safety of your emails, whether they contain private messages or confidential company data.

There are a number of reasons why email security is becoming increasingly important to businesses:

The attack surface grows as a result of a distributed workforce. Employees who work remotely increasingly rely on email to stay in touch with coworkers, customers, and suppliers. If you send an email to the wrong person, sensitive company or customer data could be compromised. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of our increasing reliance on email to increase their attack surface and the likelihood of employee error.

Traditional email security systems are ill-equipped to deal with the sophisticated cyberattacks of today because they are based on predefined rules and known threats. Using sophisticated methods, cybercriminals are able to enter employee inboxes and decipher rules designed to prevent them. Each employee averages 14 malicious emails per year that bypass a secure email gateway.

Employees forget that security awareness training is frequently pointless, time-consuming, and tedious. Personalization, contextualization, and real-time delivery (rather than a single annual session) are all necessary for cybersecurity training to be effective and sustainable.

Benefits of Email Security In today’s ever-changing digital environment, email security is becoming an increasingly important part of any company’s security infrastructure. Email security is important to keep confidential information safe and prevent sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.

Businesses need to protect their email accounts to prevent malicious actors from stealing data or user accounts, spreading malware, launching phishing campaigns, and other malicious activities. Due to the pandemic, a growing number of businesses are beginning to realize the significance of email security. They are actively investing in security solutions for their networks and systems.

Businesses can safeguard confidential information and ensure the safety of their emails by implementing robust email security measures.

Email security has a number of significant benefits for businesses, including the following:

1. Protection from malicious individuals: Email security helps keep your company safe from evil people who want to harm your systems or steal your data. You can make sure that only authorized individuals have access to your emails by encrypting them and using other security measures to protect them.

2. Confidential information can be kept safe: Businesses can securely store confidential data and shield it from prying eyes with email security. This contributes to the security and privacy of sensitive customer information.

3. increased adherence: Email security protocols make it easier for businesses to comply with regulations and lower their risk of being penalized for doing so. For businesses that deal with personally identifiable information (PII), this is especially crucial.

4. Enhanced experience for users: Users are shielded from phishing and other malicious activities thanks to email security. Businesses can help improve the user experience by providing a safe and secure communication environment by ensuring that emails are secure.

In general, email security is a crucial component of any company’s security infrastructure. It not only aids in safeguarding against malicious actors, but it also offers numerous additional advantages, including secure data storage, improved compliance, and enhanced user experience. Email security solutions should be purchased by businesses in order to safeguard customer data and maintain a secure environment.

Email security is essential for any business in the current climate, where digital attacks are becoming more common, given the reality of the situation. The possibility of email compromise has increased as a result of the pandemic forcing many businesses to operate from a distance. By taking advantage of this circumstance, cybercriminals are attempting to exploit vulnerabilities in email systems to gain access to sensitive data.

Fortunately, you can take precautions to safeguard your company from harmful emails and other threats posed by email. For confidential data to remain safe and secure, it is essential to implement robust email security measures.

Email security helps businesses avoid losing data due to employee carelessness. Employees who click on malicious links or attachments, for instance, may unintentionally put your company at risk of data theft or corruption. Malicious links and attachments can be detected and blocked by email security solutions before they reach the user’s inbox.

Last but not least, email security is very important for helping businesses comply with relevant data privacy regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR. If you don’t make sure that all emails from your company adhere to these standards, you run the risk of paying hefty fines and other legal repercussions.


With a scalable, business-oriented webmail platform, increase email security: O-Mail Email security helps businesses avoid data breaches and financial losses caused by malicious software and ransomware. Hackers may not be able to access your private data if you secure your email system. This includes customer credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and other personal information.

As a result, it is always essential to acquire a robust webmail platform that offers dependable email security solutions. One such cutting-edge AI-powered webmail platform is O-Mail, a one-stop shop for all your mailing requirements.

O-Mail’s unique security features include the following:

Folder lock: You can password-protect files, folders, and drives with O-Mails Folder Lock; quickly encrypt your important files; backup them right now; safeguard portable media; clean history while sharing files and drives.
Using the Move option, users can move any email to a new folder and set email rules to automatically move emails to the new folder. Each user is required to choose an alphanumeric-capable folder name, an optional display color, and a four-digit passcode to lock the folder. If a user forgets their lock code, they can reset it by following these steps from the Settings menu:

Change of the Folder Password: When a user forgets the password for the folder lock, they can use this feature to change the folder password.

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Contact Trash: With O-Mail’s contact trash feature, users can get rid of unwanted contacts. Additionally, the feature filters and automatically moves all emails from deleted contacts to the trash folder.

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