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Placeit Premium Cookies Giveaway Daily update free download

Placeit Premium Cookies Giveaway Daily update free download

Are you looking for a way to get a free Placeit premium account? The solution is straightforward: use cookies. Cookies are beneficial to your website because they allow you to track users and their habits as well as collect information about them. We’ll go over how to use cookies to activate a Placeit premium account hack in this blog post!

Placeit Premium Cookies Giveaway Daily Update Free Download
Placeit Premium Cookies Giveaway Daily Update Free Download

Placeit is a design and idea-sharing platform that allows you to upload your work, receive feedback from other designers, and share it with the rest of the world! Placeit can be used to generate new ideas or simply to browse the most recent designs.

Placeit is a fantastic platform for sharing your designs with like-minded individuals and receiving valuable feedback on what you’ve created or how it could be improved. Placeit also includes tools for creating mockups of everything from t-shirts to phones! You can even use Placeit’s templates to ensure that the design is perfectly centered over the item you’re submitting.

Overview of Placeit

The Shopify team created Placeit, a cloud-based web solution for product image generation. Placeit has been used in our Mockups category. Placeit has a number of features that you won’t find in other mockup tools:

Add your website’s logo or any graphic file to a product image with a single click.

Drag and drop images from your computer directly into the mockup creator. You can submit any graphic design or brand and have it appear like an app screenshot in seconds with this tool!

Various mockups for a single mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Android phone), with various backgrounds and angles.

You may use over 10,000 high-quality product photos of 3D technological equipment and models on your website or in presentations. Placeit also has templates for business cards, blog articles, social media postings, advertisements, posters, and flyers, among other things.

Placeit’s features are limited yet free to use (i.e. no branding displayed in generated images, watermark on generated images with size limit). The premium plans include a variety of add-ons for various project types.


We’ll be utilizing Placeit, a fantastic product mockup generator, for this lesson. Let’s start with the essential features of the app:

1. The image maker application

The best aspect about Placeit’s mockup templates is that you can customize them to match your brand’s demands by uploading your own logo, changing product colors and materials, and changing backgrounds, fonts, and shadows. After the creative process, you may even download or share email-ready PNG pictures right away! It’s simple to use, and the final result photographs are stunning. It’s as easy as picking a template and adding your logo to make a mockup

2. The app promotion website

Placeit’s community and blog have a lot of free and premium mockups, so you can make some really cool graphics with them. They also have some useful marketing content that you can share on social media. If you need assistance or have questions, the support team is always available

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Placeit Premium Cookies Giveaway Daily update free download

1.  Download and install this Chrome extension on your browser: Cookie Editor

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2.  Go to >> Click on Cookie Editor as shown in the top right corner red box.

Click On Cookie Editor As Shown In

3.  Delete all previous cookies as described below.

Delete All Previous Cookies As Described Below.

4.  Click On Any Ad Than Copy the Url Of Ad & Paste Here

Click On Any Ad Than Copy The Url Of Ad &Amp; Paste Here

5.  The cookie you are going to copy from here, paste it there and click import.

The Cookie You Are Going To Copy From Here, Paste It There And Click Import.

Placeit Premium Cookies Giveaway Daily update free download


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