Aplikasi Neobank (BNC), Dengan 1 Klik Saja Kamu Bisa Dapatkan Hadiah Rp.100 Juta

Aplikasi Neobank (BNC), Dengan 1 Klik Saja Kamu Bisa Dapatkan Hadiah Rp.100 Juta

Neo Business Bank, hereinafter alluded to as Neobank, has been in presence since Walk 2021, and conveys the vision of banking the board, Beyond anyone’s expectations, as well as offering a tomfoolery, one of a kind and extraordinary new financial experience (New Experience) to youngsters.

Aplikasi Neobank (Bnc), Dengan 1 Klik Saja Kamu Bisa Dapatkan Hadiah Rp.100 Juta

As of now, Neobank has the situation with a subsequent book save money with a center capital of more than $1 trillion, and there is plausible that they will keep on helping their center capital in the following couple of years by giving whatever number new offers as could be expected under the circumstances. Financial backers ingest it.

As far as security, Neobank is formally enlisted and directed by the Monetary Administrations Authority (OJK), and is an individual from the Store Protection Organization (LPS).

Nonetheless, as far as interest applied by Neobank on top of the arrangements of the LPS, all client stores in Neobank are not ensured by the LPS as per the appropriate guidelines.

However, simply relax, in light of the fact that the Neobank application has a strong wellspring of cash backing, so that regardless of whether something startling occurs, for instance contracting a bug, our cash will in any case be protected even without IDIC ensure.

Taken initially, the presence of the Neobank application seems to be like a P2P loaning application or a web-based credit application, like Assetku, on the grounds that these two organizations are supported by the Akulaku Gathering.

Banking Items for Neobank Applications (BNC)

In light of the checking consequences of the group, the Neobank application has three choices of banking items that you can get to, the three items incorporate Neo NOW, Neo Wow Moment and Neo WOW Extra, as follows.

1. New At this point

Neobank’s most memorable financial item is Neo NOW which is an adaptable investment account from Neobank by giving an exorbitant loan fee of up to 6% per annum.

Since this is an investment account, there is no base equilibrium, premium will be given to the Neo Wow account day to day as indicated by the complete equilibrium.

Moreover, your equilibrium can likewise be utilized for both money withdrawals and interbank moves without paying a penny, (no organization charge).

*) The higher the equilibrium, the more premium you will acquire.

2. New Wow Moment

The following Neobank banking item is Neo WOW Moment, a BNC store item with a decision of two terms. Right off the bat , the reimbursement term is 7 days at an interest of 6.5% p.a., and furthermore , a term of 90 days at an interest of 7.5% p.a.

For store, the base is just Rs 200,000 so it is truly reasonable, the premium you will get will be according to your decision of term and will be gotten the money for out to your Neobank account according to your decision of term also.

*) This item is suggested for new clients.

3. New Wow Extra

The following Neobank application item is the Neo WOW Additional which is likewise a store item from BNC yet has a more extended term. Practically equivalent to the past item, which has two choices for store terms. The first is for a time of a half year at 7.75% interest per annum, and the second is for a time of a year at an interest of 8% per annum.

For store, the base is just Rs 200,000 so it is entirely reasonable, the premium you will get will be according to your decision of term and will be gotten the money for out to your Neobank account according to your decision of term also.

Neobank Premium Application (BNC)

You can utilize the Neobank application for saving and moving between banks, yet you can likewise utilize it to shop, purchase bonus recognition, and so on. To do all that, I have given fantastic elements that will make it more straightforward for you, similar to the accompanying.

1. The New Day to day Money Grant

The Neobank application gives a limited time highlight by giving out everyday monetary rewards to new clients who complete undertakings as trained.

By finishing the accessible jobs, you will get extra credit and go straightforwardly to your Neobank account.

The strategy is exceptionally simple, sign in, then, at that point, select the Neo Promotion highlight accessible in the application.

2. New Fortune

The Neobank application likewise offers the Neo Fortune Promotion include that will give you various kinds of prizes haphazardly consistently, with an amount of Rs 999 thousand.

The strategy is exceptionally simple, sign into your Neobank application, select the Neo Fortune include, and get the award. At the point when the equilibrium in your Neobank bank account is IDR 100,000, you will have two opportunities to win Neo Fortune prizes.

What’s more, when your equilibrium is not exactly IDR 100,000, you can take the gift just one time each day. Be that as it may, not every one of the awards you get are as cash, some of the time they are additionally as store vouchers.

3. The new heartbeat

With this element, you can purchase information and credit bundles quickly in two ways for example paid ahead of time and postpaid with a base acquisition of Rp 5,000 to Rs 1 million.

The method for purchasing credit on the Neobank application is exceptionally simple, select the “Cost” menu on the landing page of your Neobank account, then select the sum and installment strategy.

4. The New Magazine

In this component, you will find a view as exchange section and cost records that you can set yourself. So you don’t need to be apprehensive if anytime you fail to remember your pay or costs for however long you are utilizing the Neobank application.

5. New World

The Neobank application likewise offers the Neo World component which is a spot for you to get coins, very much like playing COC games. The mint pieces you gather, you can later trade them for vouchers.

6. Welcome new companions (reference)

This element is given to those of you who need to welcome companions, family members, family and so forth utilizing a reference code.

So you can utilize this reference code to get bonus recognition, in light of the fact that each individual who utilizes your reference code, you will get a prize of Rs 25,000 and the individual you welcome advantages;

18.9 thousand Indonesian rupiah
IDR 10 million experience voucher (interest can be removed as it were)
Additional interest voucher 1.8%

The technique is exceptionally simple, select the “Welcome Companions” menu on the fundamental page of your Neobank account.

*) The more you utilize your reference code, the more rewards you will get.

To get the advantages as above, utilize the BNC reference code PYVSN2 .

You ought to realize that Neobank’s reference offer is just legitimate temporarily, so don’t miss the advancement, what are you sitting tight for, come! Download now here !

Instructions to Open a Neobank (BNC) Application Record

Banking Items For Neobank Applications (Bnc)

As per the data we got, you can enlist a record in the Neobank Application through Akulaku Application or register physically in the Neobank Application.

On the off chance that you as of now have an Akulaku account, you ought to enlist at Neobank through Akulaku simply because it has a more succinct cycle, there is compelling reason need to transfer ID card, face confirmation and so on.

To enroll by means of the Neobank application straightforwardly, here are the means:

Download the Neobank application from here
Enter the dynamic cell phone number
Check with the OTP code and afterward click the Download Currently button
Click the “Open a Record” button at the base
Then, at that point, finish up the individual information structure gave, transfer your ID card, and actually look at your face
Select the “Affirm” button and trust that your record will be effectively checked

*) After affirmation, remember to tap on the Neo Coupon Profile and guarantee the IDR 10 million prize experience coupon

Benefits and hindrances of the Neobank (BNC) application


The application is not difficult to work
Simple enrollment process
Free organization expense
Free interbank move expense
High investment funds and premium on stores
Least store IDR 200,000 as it were
Bunches of fascinating offers
It can likewise be utilized to pull out the Gopay Paylater limit


Re-energizes and moves on the Neobank application some of the time have a deferral, however the equilibrium is still there. The e-wallet re-energize administration isn’t accessible

This is the survey about the Neobak (BNC) application. Assuming there are issues or inquiries concerning the application, you can contact through email at or by telephone: 1500 – 190 or involving the Private Neo component in your Neobank application, separately.

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