AI-powered Google search queries like ChatGPT can drive up the cost!

AI-powered Google search queries like ChatGPT can drive up the cost!

Recently, artificial intelligence has been the first item on the agenda in the world of technology and informatics. Technology and software giants are taking new steps after OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot. Microsoft has brought a version of ChatGPT to Bing. On the other hand, a statement came from Google about the integration of the Google search engine supported by artificial intelligence.

Ai-powered google search queries like chatgpt can drive up the cost!

Artificial intelligence technology continues to occupy the agenda. International technology and software giants continue the race to develop their own artificial intelligence technology. In particular, “ChatGPT” was introduced by “OpenAI” at the end of 2022. With ChatGPT, the agenda has completely moved towards here. 

The artificial intelligence-powered ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot has achieved great success. After this success, giants such as “ Microsoft ” invested in the project. Even Microsoft had released the ChatGPT version “ Bing ” search engine. In addition , artificial intelligence work started to come from companies such as Amazon ”, “ Apple ” and “ Google ”.

A statement came from Google, which continues its own artificial intelligence research. Following Microsoft’s “ Bing ” move, a similar move was expected from the  “ Google ” search engine.  On the other hand, Google continues to work on an artificial intelligence-supported chat robot called ” Bard “. A statement came from the ” Google ” roof company ” Alphabet ” on the subject . The statement  was made by Alphatbet Chairman  John Hennesy “.

Draws Attention to Increasing Costs

Alphabet Chairman of the Board, Hennessy, drew attention to the financial burden of such an application in his statement. Hennessy evaluated the integration of the “ Bard ” chatbot they developed into the Google search engine. In its statement,  Bard  stated that the cost will increase in chatbot-powered Google  search engine queries . He even said that the cost increase in question would be a ” 10x ” increase  over ” normal keyword  search” for Google.

Hennesy shared information on the reasons for this cost increase in the continuation of his statement. According to Hennessy, queries of artificial intelligence (AI) language models like “ChatGPT” have higher “processing power” and “electricity cost”. In the evaluations, it was stated that such a step by Google would constitute an additional cost of billions of dollars to the company.

It was evaluated that only half of the queries in the Chatbot ” system were answered with ” 50 words “. Even if this happens,  it will create an additional cost of  “ $6 Billion ”  for Google by the end of 2023  .

Cutting Costs Distorts Quality

Recently, ” cost reduction steps were taken for Google within Alphabet. It was stated that if such a system was put into practice, it would constitute an obstacle to the acquired policy. Because Google had laid off “ 12.000 ”  employees within the framework of its new economic policy . Even the “ social benefits ” offered to these people were cut off.

In addition to layoffs, Google  also started to implement cost savings in Google offices  .

Limited LaMDA Model Will Be Used

Google, yeni teknolojinin getireceği maliyetleri düşürmenin yollarını arıyor. Bu çerçevede de “Bard” sohbet robotu üzerine “LaMDA” modeli oluşturulacak. Bu modelin “sınırlı sürümü” kullanıma sunulacak.

John Hennessy yaptığı açıklamasında “chatbot” sisteminin üreteceği yanıtların maliyetinde tasarruf yapılacağına dikkat çekti. Hennessy’in bu konudaki “tasarruf” açıklamasının “chatbot” tarafından verilecek yanıtlarda “kalite düşmesi” sorunu yaratacağı değerlendirmelerine yol açtı.

What are your thoughts on the artificial intelligence supported chatbot and the use of this technology in search engine queries? You can write your opinions in the comments section or  in the R10.NET Forum .


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