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10 indispensable services for startup entrepreneurs

10 indispensable services for startup entrepreneurs

Startups in their infancy need many services that help them to embark on a long journey of feasible work full of challenges and experiences.

10 Indispensable Services For Startup Entrepreneurs

Here lies the importance of Fiverr Market, the largest Arab market for buying and selling micro services, which provides you with a wide range of services that are an important element to start your company in the business world.

1. Feasibility study services

A feasibility study is an in-depth research and financial analysis that makes recommendations as to whether or not to pursue your business idea, through estimates of such things as income and costs, and technical obstacles and challenges. Therefore, the feasibility study is one of the most important planning activities that you must work on at the beginning of any business; Because it takes a look into the future and prepares your startup to tackle dangerous situations more effectively.

In the feasibility study services, you will find   different types of feasibility studies, such as: economic, operational and technical feasibility studies, in addition to integrated feasibility studies that include all types. Remember that feasibility studies do not determine the final decision about whether to implement the project or not, but rather provide solid evidence and recommendations on whether or not it is best to move forward.

2. Business model design services

We cannot address entrepreneurial projects and startups without mentioning the term  (  Business Model Canvas), it is a strategic planning tool that divides your startup into nine basic elements to provide a comprehensive analysis for each of them, such as: revenue sources, core businesses, and partners The structure of the expected costs, and the means of delivering the product to the target segment.

This segmentation helps you to understand your business in a comprehensive way, scrutinizing its finer details and aspects. By obtaining one of the business model design services   from Fiverr Market, you will be able to study your startup from a completely accurate perspective.

3. Legal services

The law is the bulwark of any business, and it is a necessary element to start your business legally on the right foundations. For example, it is important before starting your business to prepare government licenses and their official requirements, and in the case of contracting with suppliers or service providers for your business, there should be a contract or form of agreement that documents the rights and duties of the parties to these agreements.

Therefore, the  legal services  on Fiverr provides you with everything that includes legal advice according to the regulations of the country in which your startup is located, writing and drafting regulations and legal memoranda or even contracts, and other services necessary for the proper functioning of your company.

4. Business Consulting Services

Business consulting is an essential and indispensable player when setting up your startup, one consultation can save you from inevitable failure. Business consulting services provide you with  a  summary of expert knowledge in the various projects and aspects of your startup, including financial advice that includes everything related to the feasibility of your company in terms of costs and profits, various financial accounting mechanisms and management consulting, which will help you manage your company’s departments effectively and successfully.. and others.

5. Logo and visual identity design services

A visual identity that consists of a mixture of colors, fonts, and symbols will reflect your startup’s aspirations, business activities and goals, each of these elements conveys a certain meaning. Also, the presence of a special visual identity is one of the most important factors that help your company stick in the mind of  your target audience , making it easy to identify them wherever they are.

The visual identity services   on Fiverr include everything related to your company’s visual identity design, from colors, fonts, and logo, to the shape of your company’s supplies from  personal cards,  packaging, official papers and drafts, in addition to employee cards and notebooks, even some stationery such as pens, and other visual matters that make up The identity of your startup company.

6. Programming and web development services

Today, the importance of having a professional website for your startup company, whatever its nature or field of work, is indisputable. The website not only helps you present and promote your services or products online, but also helps you create a strong online presence that gives the impression of professionalism, and enhances the reach of your audience through search engines.

The programming and development services   provided by professional programmers on Fiverr will help you create a website for your brand, it may be an online store to sell products online, a site to open the door to sign up for the company’s services, or even an introduction site for it. Each of these options depends on the nature of your startup and the nature of the business activities you offer.

7. Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing has become an indispensable component of any startup; Through it, you create awareness about your business through various electronic means, and attract your target audience to eventually become your company’s customers. So, the absence of employing the right marketing strategies from the beginning may weaken your company’s ability to reach  potential customers , which affects the volume of sales, not to mention the difficulty  of building a loyalty relationship with your audience .

There are many digital marketing services   on Fives, from optimizing search engines by adjusting your company’s website to enhance its visibility on the Internet, to implementing advertising campaigns on social media platforms and measuring their results according to clear marketing performance indicators. And don’t forget  the marketing consultancy  that helps you create an elaborate marketing plan for your startup.

8. Mobile application development services

The importance of developing a mobile application for startups lies in the ease of providing services through it and its popularity among users. It is no secret today that most of us spend the majority of our work on our phone using various applications, such as shopping or communication applications. In addition, the mobile application is an effective way to create direct communication with customers, and to communicate the latest marketing offers to them.

The  mobile application programming services  provided by professionals on Fiverr range from programming an integrated application that includes the necessary requirements and procedures, fixing the crashes of your current application if any, converting user interfaces designed to interactive interfaces on the phone, and other services.

9. HR services

As the founder or manager of a startup, there is no doubt that you need a strong team. However, the task of attracting qualified employees may be a difficult task in the beginning. In the establishment stages, you will also need to devote most of your time to studying your company and the services it provides, rather than spending a lot of effort and time in the recruitment processes, job interviews, and drafting contracts.

Through HR services, you can get  expert advisory services to  speed up the recruitment process, and you can also get semi-finished administrative forms such as employment contracts and job descriptions for vacant positions in your company.

10. Virtual Assistant Services

Being the founder, CEO, finance and marketing officer in the early stages of your startup means that you have less time to spend on everyday tasks like answering emails or booking appointments and checking the agenda for business meetings. Here comes the role of  virtual assistant services  that allow you to use your time more efficiently, by appointing a virtual assistant to perform routine daily tasks for you.

In conclusion,  Fiverr  for micro-services contains hundreds of services that are indispensable to your startup. Therefore, it is very important to browse and compare these services to choose the best and suitable one for your business needs. Remember that your startup needs continuous follow-up and development, to stand out in the competitive market and become one of the leaders in its field.

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